Peggy Noonan Nails it Again!

I love this woman’s perspective.  Her call for banks and bankers to take responsibility for the mess they made with their greedy practices is so appropriate for this moment.  Ironically, Scotty and I watched a really dumb TV show recently that made a very compelling argument for corporate responsibility.  It involved the CEOs of a large media corporation asking for a Federal Bailout to save their company and celebrating the prospect with a dinner that cost well over $1000 for two people.  When they’re called out for their irresponsibility, they decide to liquidate their own assents (vacation homes, art, yachts, etc) to shore up their company and avoid having to layoff thousands of workers.  I know that this is so ridiculously idealistic and naive, but wouldn’t it be nice to see that happen?  Here in the UK we’re reading all sorts of headlines concerning failed banks giving billions of pounds away in bonuses to the very people whose greedy policies drove these banks into nationalization.  So the tax payers are having to shore up the failing banks and thus supporting the extravagant lifestyles of the CEOs who are rewarded for their poor management.  It would be so nice to see even one of these bankers stand up and take responsibility!  Maybe even return his “golden parachute” to the employees that were forced out of work by his poor management, or even return it to the taxpayers who are being forced to bail him out.  Again, I know this is completely naive, and I’m on a complete rant, but this is driving me crazy…probably because I am in the middle of doing my taxes and am appalled by the rate at which I’m taxed and am sickened that it is being spent by our congress with no regard to the work represented by each tax dollar they so recklessly spend.  Anyway, sorry about the soapbox speech, here’s Peggy:  A Tragedy of Errors, and an Accounting

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One Response to Peggy Noonan Nails it Again!

  1. audrey says:

    Loved the article by peggy noonan about the jet crash in san diego. why hasn’t any one come forward in the bailout crises admitting guilt? why arent americans demanding it?

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