Memorial Day


Living overseas means we often skip over American holidays without even noticing.  Those nice Monday holidays and Presidential birthdays just are not on our radar screen.  Add to that the fact that Scotty is a student and I set my own work schedule, we also end up missing the “Bank Holidays” they have over here.  So it was a pleasant surprise to find that Memorial Day was observed over here!  Yes, there is a monument called “The Call” in the Princes Street Gardens that is “A Tribute From Men and Women of Scottish Blood and Sympathies in the United States of America to Scotland.”  


There was a ceremony at the monument on Monday in honor of our Memorial Day holiday.  Poppy wreathes, a tribute to the famous WWI poem In Flander’s Field, were placed at the memorial and, according to Scotty who saw part of the ceremony, there were soldiers and speeches.  I found this to be a touching reminder of the brotherhood experienced not only by men in combat but by countries united in a common cause.



Thank you to Ashli for pointing the wreaths out to me!  She knew I would find it interesting and that it would probably end up as a blog post.

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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3 Responses to Memorial Day

  1. patty says:

    You go girl – looks great! You’re teachin’ those Scots a thing or two….DOWN WITH HAGGIS!

  2. patty says:

    oops – this was supposed to be on the omelet post….

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