Dean Village

This Saturday my allergies arrived in Edinburgh.  I’m not sure what exactly is blooming right now and keeping me locked up indoors but I have noticed the roses are going crazy.  Anyhoo, I decided to venture outside for a few minutes on Saturday to take some pictures of Dean Village.  Scotty and I stumbled upon Dean Village for the first time when we were taking a walk with our friends Matthew and Ashli back in October ’07 (you can read the post from our old blog here).  From the first time we stumbled upon the cobbles of Dean Village I wanted to live there!  I think all four of us muttered at some point on that fateful day that it would be “great to fine a place here.”  It is achingly cute – one of those places that almost makes you roll your eyes and say “Oh brother” because it’s that perfect little village that everyone imagines when they think of a British country village.  Except that it’s in the middle of Edinburgh.  It is regularly listed among the “Most Picturesque Villages in Scotland” and last August Scotty and I moved here.  I don’t even think that when we first looked at the flat online we realized it was right here and our bedroom window would overlook all this over-the-top quaintness!  And the funny thing is that a New College community is slowly growing here.  We’re now just one of 6-7 couples that live within a quick walk.  And now here’s the pictures.  I’ve taken a lot of pictures of this area from the Dean Bridge, but here’s the up-close-and-personal!

To get down to the heart of the village you walk a few paces from our front door and then down these steps.

To get down to the heart of the village you walk a few paces from our front door and then down these steps.

I love the house numbers and flower boxes.

I love the house numbers and flower boxes...not to mention the fleur-de-lis wrought iron fences.


I love the crooked cobbled streets and am so glad that the effort has been put into preserving them. It's not an easy job.


As you can see I’ve gone ahead and inserted the whole gallery.  You can click on any pictures you want to see at full-size.  And you’ll find that just in case all this medieval charm isn’t enough for you I stumbled upon a family of ducks – a momma and her little babies.  They were absolutely adorable and as the mom was leading them up stream it was hilarious to see the little ducklings paddling with all their strength in order to keep up.  Ahhhh. It made me happy.

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  1. Katie says:

    I heart dean village! Who else lives here?

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