Four Years!

On Thursday Scotty and I celebrated our fourth anniversary.  It’s hard to believe it’s already been four years – it has gone by quickly and I lose count when I try to quantify the memories in terms of air miles, flights, homes, experiences.  What sticks with me are the everyday memories of two lives fusing into one.  The little interactions that reveal the love we share and the depth of our love and commitment.  It is such a joy to be so known and accepted.  It has been a very full four years and we’ve both changed and grown together in many ways.  In honor of this celebration Scotty had planned out the entire day – even scheduling in a nap for yours truly (something I found extremely thoughtful and took full advantage of).  Our day began early and Scotty led the way to a bus which would take us down to Cramond.  He’d scheduled our visit for low tide to allow us to walk across a causeway to Cramond Island – an idylic little place only accessible when the waters have receded.  I’d been wanting to go out to the island ever since I first heard about it nearly two years ago so this was very exciting to me!  The trip was planned perfectly – the tide was out and the early morning air fresh with the scent of the sea.  There was hardly anyone on the island, only two campers who had spent the night in a tent and looked a bit bleary eyed.  Here’s pictures and if you’re interested in seeing more you can visit our flickr album.

The approach to the island is bordered on one side by giant cement bolsters that were erected during World War II to prevent high speed boats from making their way up the Firth of Forth and waging an attack on Edinburgh.  On the other side of the island a submarine net was strung up to prevent a stealthy attack via u-boat.  Dotted around the island were gun outposts and military batteries which were manned during the war by soldiers on alert for air and sea attacks.  The buildings now stand empty – places where shady characters and restless teens participate in elicit activities and scrawl graffiti.  Yet, it was charming.  The island is beautiful with views across the water and up the Firth toward the Forth Rail Bridge.  Foxgloves, anise, heather, thistle and many other plants grow wild and attract songbirds, bees, and other wildlife.  There is a wooded spot on the island that is home to the remains of an old stone farmhouse that housed sheep farmers who allowed their stock to graze on the island.  Records and artifacts show that the island has been settled since prehistoric times and the surrounding area was once settled by Romans as far back as 150AD.  It continued to be occupied up until the 1930s when the census placed the population of the entire island at three people – a sheep farmer, his son, and their maid.  In a classic tale of necessity the son eventually married the maid.  We thoroughly enjoyed our ramble around the island but when allergies hit we headed back to the house.  Scotty, headed up to school for some last minute fixes on an assignment, said this would be the perfect time for my scheduled nap so I took advantage of that!  So sweet.  We met later for some shopping in preparation for our trip to Paris and had dinner at the gorgeous new Hotel du Vin where I had some beautiful scallops and mussels.  MmmmMmmm.  Following dinner he’d picked up tickets to The Maiden Heist which was premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival.  It was a lovely day and I so enjoyed the fact that it was all planned out and I didn’t have to make one decision!  That truly was a gift and Scotty, as he knows me so well, knew that I would appreciate that immensely.

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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2 Responses to Four Years!

  1. Leah Turchin says:

    Great post! Wow! Great day, and as it should be! Congrats to you both, and many more great years to come. 🙂 It’s nice to see more great pictures of you Rebecca, you are beautiful! Keep them coming, now that I know Scotty does his part in photography, you better do yours in posting them! 🙂

  2. Sloane says:

    Congrats you guys! There is nothing better than a whole day where you don’t have to make any decisions! Great gift! 🙂

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