OK, ok, ok…


So the jealousy comments got me thinkin’ (thanks Sloane and Pop!) and, yes, spending a month in Paris is ridiculously wonderful.  It’s a huge blessing that I am so grateful to be able to share with my husband.  And there have been a lot of moments where we’ve looked at each other and just shaken our heads in amazement.  I think the thing that really blows me away is that while Scotty and I are here for a month, there are people who really do call Paris home.  There are people who really do picnic down by the Seine summer after summer.  There are people who visit a different museum every first Sunday of the month because it’s free.  They live in gorgeous apartments and tiny hovels.  They shop at super marchés and tiny little independent shops.  They have jobs (which they don’t seem to really care about in a “I put in 20 hours of overtime” sort of way).  They do laundry.  And today, we did laundry in a Parisian laundry mat…and it’s the same as doing laundry anywhere else (just more expensive). Laundry…it’s never ending and universal and we were down to the bare essentials this morning.  We both just brought one suitcase over and, of course, a good chunk of mine was filled with books, so you’ll be seeing a lot of repetition in the clothes we wear this month!  Anyway, just to prove that doing laundry in Paris is not glamorous or exciting, here’s the pics:

Scotty trying to figure out the machine.

Scotty trying to figure out the machine.

Scotty getting frustrated with the machine!

Scotty getting frustrated with the machine!







And folding.

And folding.

We’re laying low today – both getting some work done and resting.  We’re exhausted from the past week of running around and trying to get everything in.  It’s funny that taking a day off to get actual work done is now “rest time.”  But all this sightseeing is tiring…and my poor feet need a break.  You should see the blisters!

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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14 Responses to OK, ok, ok…

  1. Leah Turchin says:

    I am so glad you included the normal humdrum stuff. I actually felt relaxed reading it, knowing you had a day, or maybe an afternoon,of normal life. 🙂 Cute pictures too! I enjoyed them just as much as the ones from all your fairytale places we all dream of seeing.:)

  2. Karin says:

    I agree with Leah’s comment 🙂

    And yes, I remember seeing that face of Scotty’s!!!! Hysterical. Made me laugh. My only laundromat experience has been, ironically, in Edinburgh!

    • Rebecca says:

      I see that face a lot! It’s the classic Scotty “I wish I was somewhere else” face! Gotta love it. And that is ironic that your only laundromat experience was in Edinburgh. What were you doing there?

  3. travis says:

    wow, i fall behind in my reading and the next thing i know you’re in another country. actually, i think you guys should just keep hopping from country to country until you make it down to our neck of the woods.

    love the pics. miss you guys.

  4. Hilary says:

    LOVED the picture of Scotty punching the laundry machine!! I laughed out loud. Thanks for posting about laundry, good to know that clothes don’t wash themselves in Paris.

  5. patty says:

    When we were in Europe all we would say about the “hum drum” stuff is: “we’re doing laundry….in London”….or: “we have to walk a mile in the rain …..in Bath…” It made the “hum drum”, and not so exciting stuff much better. So—- you did laundry……in Paris! Sounds good to me!

  6. patty says:

    And can those washers be any smaller???

    • Rebecca says:

      It’s true – doing laundry isn’t nearly as annoying when you’re “doing it in Paris.” Surprisingly these washer were actually quite a bit bigger than ours at home!!! Ours in Edinburgh is tiny – and it’s a good thing they were bigger ’cause at 3.50euro each load, it was expensive.

  7. derekryanbrown says:

    Brings back memories! When I was there I took a pic of the instructions one day, when back to my flat, and then translated them (via google translate—lame, I know). Then, when I went back to do my wash, I didn’t feel as stupid. All your pics look amazing.

    • Rebecca says:

      That’s hilarious! I can totally see it. And you did avoid the humiliation of standing obnoxiously close to a French guy while he did it so I could watch and then copy what he did. I think I kinda creeped him out. Looking forward to seeing you and Katie’s pics from Italy.

  8. Tatiana says:

    I loved the picture of Scotty punching the machine. He looked very determined to break it!! That look on Scotty is pretty hilarious!! You better clean your clothes or you might have people look at you rather strangely and hold their noses!!!

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