Today Scotty left class half way through and we made our way to Versailles.  Wow!  This place really is amazing.  The Chalet itself is so opulent and full of history it really boggles the mind.  The gardens are spectacular – full of hand-trimmed topiaries and gorgeous fountains, lawns, flowers, hedges, and more.  The galleries in the Chalet are full of the paintings you see in your history books – Marie Antoinette and her children, Louis XVIII, Lafayette at Yorktown, Napoleon in all his glorified insecurity.  It’s really something.  But I think my favorite thing was Marie Antoinette’s “Village” where she played peasant.  Despite starting out as popular with the common populace and peasant classes Marie seemed to slip further and further into some sort of delusion that led her to construct this classic English village for her amusement.  It’s complete with a water mill, lovely gardens, thatch roofed cottages, streams stocked with coi, and flowers everywhere.

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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  2. Melanie from Boston says:

    Hi Everyone,
    This is a note to all of Rebecca’s friends and fam. You haven’t heard from me before because I spend so much time drooling over Becca’s blogging, that I run out of time to do laundry for my five kids. I need a face towel at the base of my keyboard!

    We were one family from MA honored to attend the final Berg 4th of July parade that Becca so fondly recalled. I could have won her contest but i was sorting sox and missed the deadline. She described the water fight mildly. It was all out war from the Bergs’ front yard. We have video footage that can hopefully find its way on the blog once we figure out how to download it. It’s hard to do the event justice w/ words.

    Not only did I cancel my subscription to Martha Living, but I have become a Highland Happens groupie. It’s like going to a spa or soaking in a tub each day compared to the life I live raising a family here in the suburbs of Boston. But here is the amusing part…we are dear friends of Becca’s mom & dad. (yes, that makes me old.) Over the past couple years, everytime we asked how Becca & Scotty were doing, they gave us the impression that it has been tough for them living so far from family and friends. Huh! The sympathy has ceased! Ever since we have subscribed to H. Happenings, we have been both amused and inspired. I considered starting my own blog but the photos of laundry, school forms, and american chop suey, just didn’t seem to be worth one’s time. So, we have just had it. In exasperation, we have decided instead, to leave the laundry and just go join up with these two frolicing friends. We leave this thursday for the south of France and then will head to Paris to join Becca & Scotty. My girls are such foodies. Although we want to see Versaille, we are secretly hoping to shop and cook w/ the diva herself and perhaps make a HHappenings appearance. Besides, we have now seen Versaille from this blog. You know my kids could use some of this culture. Ani looked at the darling photo of the thatched cottage and said,”looks like a christmas tree shop!” (Boston joke)Well, hope to pick up some of that joie de vivre! After France, Talene & I head to Edinburgh & St Andrews college shopping. I’m not kidding when i say we have caught their bug!
    Congrats to the entire Berg/Severson fam on the birth of AJ. Our family has enjoyed all of the photos and staying connected. We send our love and we’ll be in touch from the open air markets; So long for now Safeway & styrofoam!
    Much love, Melanie

  3. Sloane says:

    Versailles was definitely one of my favorite things about Paris. So pretty and ridiculously opulent! We rented one of the boats in the lake and had to row for our lives to make it back before our hour was up….the whole place was laughing at us and we both almost fell in! we ended up being almost 40 min late(for our hour rental) but they felt bad for us since we visibly tried so hard and they didn’t charge. 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      That’s hilarious Sloane. I can just imagine you straining at the oars! Thanks for sharing your story – it’s so great that I can now picture you there.

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