Seine Scene

Tonight we had a picnic (surprise, surprise) down on the Seine so that we could share one of our favorite experiences with the Turchins.  There really isn’t anything like eating a delicious picnic dinner, sipping wine, watching the sun go down while surrounded by the people from all over the world and dangling your feet over the edge of the bank.

Dinner as usual...until.

Dinner as usual...until.

Dinner was going as usual until Scotty noticed that two guys had stripped down to their boxers and were about to take a swim in the Seine.  This was new!  And a bit revolting because, while beautiful, the Seine is NOT clean.  We’ve seen all sorts of flotsam in the current and have had guessing games where we try to guess what exactly the junk is.  Add to that the fact that the drainage system in Paris is regularly overflowing and dumps right into the river.  It’s gorgeous, tranquil, idyllic and highly polluted.  So the thought of taking a swim is not only shudder worthy, I would venture that it’s pretty risky not to mention stupid.  And illegal.

They're in!

They're in!

So Jacques and Pierre decide to jump in without scoping their surroundings and seem to be enjoying their dip until they decide it’s time to get out.  After numerous attempts to scale the slimy wall neither guy has had any luck.  A friend on shore tries to help but it’s useless.  So they’re stuck but still trying when the police boat arrives on scene.  At this point everyone is pulling out their cameras and documenting this scene of humiliation.  Ashli and I take a front row seat and watch while giggling.

See the two little heads bobbing in the water!

See the two little heads bobbing in the water!

Then Ashli looks down just to her right and spies a…wait for it….yes, a ladder!  No more than 20 feet away from these two yahoos there was a ladder that would have allowed them to EASILY climb out on their own and saved them from the following drama.

Ashli spies the ladder.

Ashli spies the ladder.

The police approach the swimmer and haul them aboard their boat.  In the meantime a rescue boat has arrived furthering the humiliation.

Second boat arrives (seen on right hand side of picture).

Second boat arrives (seen on right hand side of picture). Notice Jacques being pulled out of the water.

Now there are six officials here to reprimand the two sops.  The police boat pulls over and docks on the bank and is joined by the second boat.  Everyone disembarks and the dripping guys are questioned for a while.  And a THIRD boat arrives.  And a fire truck pulls up on the nearby bridge.  Seriously.  All for two funny little bozos.  There are now a dozen officials on scene and that doesn’t stop Pierre from lighting up a cigarette!


Rescue boat #3!

Rescue boat #3!

It really was quite amusing and I think a lot of people got a kick out of it.  Nearly everyone had pulled out their camera phones and were clicking away.  The police questioned for a while and it got too dark to take pictures that would show anything so we lost interest.

It was another gorgeous evening and we soaked in the ambiance saturated air.


The magic really starts when the sun has fully set and Paris turns on her lights.  The lighting here is soft, welcoming, gorgeous.  I’ve never seen a city so well lit – and I don’t mean it’s bright.  It’s the perfect blend of mood lighting and utility.  I don’t find it too dark.  The whole city is bathed in this soft, golden light that adds to the charm and makes everything seem like it’s glowing.  It’s almost as though the city is lit by candles.  C’est magique!

Scotty and I wandered up to the  bridge where St. Genevieve hangs out in all her stony glory so he could snap some more pictures of Notre Dame.


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