Last evening in Paris

Today was really low-key – packing, cleaning, laundry.  The usual sorts of things you have to do before you leave somewhere.  It was good to have all the sightseeing that we wanted to get in done, with the full realization that there were a million more places we could have seen and it would have been easy to fill every last second, but we were both so content with what we’d done.

The best part of this day was that we were able to see friends we hadn’t seen since our wedding.  The Bilazarian family was visiting France and quickly made their way to Paris in order to catch us before we left.  They even cut a day off their time in Normandy – so this was special.  The Bilazarians are friends from Cape Cod and they’re all wonderful.  Each person (all seven of them) is friendly, vivacious, confident and unique.  They are one of those families that you love to be around because everyone is so kind and energetic, interested and interesting.  Their oldest daughter Talene is looking at going to school next year at St. Andrews and was full of questions that Scotty and I tried our best to answer.  She’s very sharp and has thought this college thing through in such a mature way, it’s really impressive. Melanie and Seth took all of us out to dinner at our favorite Turkish restaurant and we were able to confirm that it was really good food as they served dishes that were a part of the Bilazarian culinary heritage.  It was a really fun dinner.  Scotty did an impression of my dad that had everyone roaring with laughter – much to the amusement of a little French man that was watching our table with obvious fascination.

Enjoying non-stop conversation and delicious food.

Enjoying non-stop conversation and delicious food.

One of the many fun things that I love about this family is the conversation never stops.  There really are no awkward gaps or pauses when you’re with this group.  This is a family of superb conversationalists – they should open a school. Think about it – if they could teach people how to avoid those seemingly inevitable conversation gaps they’d make this world a better place.  It’s funny how those gaps are fine when you’re with someone you know really well and are comfortable with, but outside of that, those awkward silences can be painful.  Anyway, back to our great evening.

Of course, we had to introduce them to our favorite ice cream/gelato.  They were really impressed with it’s deliciousness.  So impressed, in fact, they started looking at franchise opportunities – which is good news for all of you on the east coast.

Talene, Emma and Annie - aren't those smiles gorgeous?

Talene, Emma and Annie - aren't those smiles gorgeous?

Almost everyone - their son Nish was at camp and not able to make it.

Almost everyone - their son Nish was at camp and not able to make it.

I had to get in a picture with one of my favorite families.

I had to get in a picture with one of my favorite families.

It was perfect to end our time here with old friends – to be able to share a little of our experience with them and get caught up on the going-ons of their lives.  Thank you so much Bilazarians!  And tomorrow we’re getting on the Eurostar to London and then a flight from London to Edinburgh.  I am sad to leave and determined to return again in the not-too-distant future.

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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One Response to Last evening in Paris

  1. POP says:

    Looks like a good time. So glad you could all get together. Scotty, let me guess, the impression……me talking too much, proven by my plate still full and everyone else finishing dessert and Becca (Rea) rolling her eyes and kicking me under the table. Right?

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