The last of the Lake District Posts

After such a gorgeous day on Saturday we woke to a classically dismal day.  Rain, fog, cold, wind.  It was all present.  As this dampened our adventurous spirits a bit we decided to do some exploring from the shelter of the car and headed north toward Wordsworth and Coleridge’s old stomping grounds.  This drive took us through Ambleside where we enjoyed a rainy walk through the picturesque town.  It was so incredibly quaint and our enthusiasm for the place was only dampened by our visit to the famous Lucy’s of Ambleside.  Lucy’s is an Ambleside institution consisting of a restaurant, deli, gourmet grocery, lounge, catering service and cooking school.  I was excited that we were able to be seated on a Sunday morning within a few minutes.  Unfortunately as time ticked by our enthusiasm waned.  We had ordered but after an we’d only been served our drinks.  After seeing our order served to a couple who was seated about 15 minutes after we had been we gave up and went to pay for the coffees.  We may have waited a few more minutes if it hadn’t been for the fact that we were parked quite a distance away and our meter was about to expire.  The host graciously comped us our drinks, but we were still disappointed.  We ended up grabbing some really gross sandwiched from a little take-away before moving on.  All this to say, I’m sure Lucy’s serves some great food.  Unfortunately, it was poorly managed that morning so we missed out.  Ambleside is a great little town though and we would have enjoyed spending more time there if it wasn’t pouring.

On we went making our way through Rydal, Grasmere, Wythburn, etc.  We stopped in Grasmere to visit Dove Cottage, Wordsworth’s home.  It was nestled into the middle of this amazing village of stone buildings.  I loved the stone buildings dotted throughout the Lake District and Grasmere has lots of examples of this style of building.





My instinct tells me that these are difficult buildings to heat. What do you think?



Narrow passage way in Grasmere.


Dove Cottage - where Wordsworth and Coleridge spent many hours together, thinking and writing and musing. I will admit that after seeing all the gorgeous stone buildings pictures above, I was pretty disappointed with this shack.



One of the lakes that the poets liked to row around.

As you can see from above, it was not an inspiring day.  The beauty of the place was still striking but it was yucky and after two early-morning wake ups for the “Breakfast” part of our B&B experience, we were ready to head home.  I would love to return in the summer when the area is fully alive.  It was a great trip and I’m so happy we were able to make the trip.






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2 Responses to The last of the Lake District Posts

  1. sartenada says:

    Lovely post. Photos are special and they give an idea about this place. Thank You.

  2. Rea Berg says:

    Wow, Scotty sporting a full beard!! Hmmm–he is beginning to look like he could pass for a friend of Coleridge and Wordsworth. I am tickled by you referring to Dove Cottage as a shack. Hmmmm . . . thinking you’re getting a bit jaded by the constant exposure to infinite choices in gorgeous architecture. If that cottage were stateside, well, let’s just say when you next visit California I’ll show you some shacks! Love you and so enjoyed tagging along in your Lake District romps.

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