Sunny Sayulita

For Christmas my parents decided to treat the family to a 9-day get-away in Mexico.  For Scotty and I this was especially amazing as neither of us has really been “warm” for a long time – let alone in the sun enough to even dream of getting a tan.  The last time I was able to spend a week on the beach goes back to 2003!  So we have been anticipating this with much excitement.  Here’s a bit of the run-down on our adventures in getting to Mexico.

Wednesday, 9th December we fly from Edinburgh to Newark.  After a layover, we then fly to Buffalo where we pick up our rental car so we can drive to Chautauqua, NY to spend around 18 hours in Chautauqua.  In Chautauqua we unpack and repack – leaving all our cold-weather clothes behind!!!  Yay.  On Thursday night we go to bed at around 9:30 with an alarm set for 1:45AM!!!  This is due to the fact that our flight leaves at 6AM and it’s been snowing all day.  It’s not looking good at all.  We drag ourselves out of bed at 1:45 and get in the car.  Slowly we make our way to highway 90 only to find that it’s been CLOSED DOWN!!!  Scotty looks over at me and sees some moisture accumulating in my eyes and determines to make it to Buffalo in time for our flight.  Thus begins our adventure of navigating backroads in a blizzard in the middle of the night.  Scotty was an amazing driver and we actually made it to Buffalo with time to spare.  The whole situation could have been pretty bad because we needed to meet up with my family in Puerto Vallarta – and amazingly enough we did!  My family was so surprised that we made it, they weren’t even looking for us at the airport.  Our original flights had been cancelled but Continental had rebooked us on different routes with different carriers, so it was a great surprise for my family that we even made it!

And the time in Mexico was so worth every moment of stress.  It was so much fun to be with everyone in my family for a whole week.  I don’t think that it’s happened since Scotty and I met back in 2001 that everyone has been together for a week.  How crazy!  Here’s some pics from the week:

Casa Amore - our favorite little place to get a drink. Seriously, could the setting be any more perfect?

Scotty catching a wave!

Pop taking it all in - he loves being with his family.

Katie loving every second.

Katie giving the buggy board a try.


View from Casa Amore back to Sayulita.

View from the house, Casa Poloma


Tot showing that wave who's boss.

Pop and Scotty - yes their outfits are nearly identical...

Tot, Grace and Katie

Jimmy and Pop

Casa Paloma - basically all you can see is the 3rd story or palopa. It was perfect!

We created a little cuccoon for Ashton up in the hammock on the palopa. Does't it look cosy?

My uploader is being really slow, so I’m going to post these now and finish up later…

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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2 Responses to Sunny Sayulita

  1. Shawn Jones says:

    Hi, Rebecca.

    You may not even be checking your blog these days, but we’re renting Casa Paloma in September for my 50th birthday party. Any tips, suggestions, or insights?

    We’ve spent quite a bit of time in Sayulita (lived in Puerto Vallarta for a year), but wondering if there’s anything we should know about the casa itself…

    Oh, and did you rent the golf cart? If so, was it worth the expense?

    Thanks so much,


    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Shawn,

      We loved Casa Paloma! It accommodated 14 of us very comfortably, the house is beautiful, the view stunning. The only drawback that we noticed is that the railings on the balconies/decks were not very high (enabling you to take full advantage of the views) so it’s important to keep an eye on kids. Everything else was great. The rooftop has a great hammock that was very popular with everyone; the perfect place to take a nap.

      We didn’t rent the golf cart and didn’t find that we had trouble getting around. As you know Sayulita is tiny and the roads aren’t the best so we found it easier to just walk everywhere. That being said, since the house is up on a hill, if anyone in your party has mobility issues, it may be worth considering. Otherwise, any remotely active person will have no troubles.

      Enjoy your birthday trip!

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