In light of the devastation in Haiti it seems appropriate to try to do something. Most of us are stuck where we’re at able to do little but pray and donate. There is a terrible sense of impotence when faced with tragedy on such a large scale. A friend of mine from college is in Haiti now and has been sending updates on the mission he was visiting. There have been miraculous stories of survival along with heartbreaking stories of loss. And all the stories just make you want to “do something.” Here’s some ways that you can pitch in – both close to home and further afield.

Unfortunately during times like there there are people who take advantage of the altruistic actions of others so it’s important to check out the charities you want to donate to. Charity Navigator is an excellent resource that rates charities according to the amount of each donation that actually goes to the work and mission of the organization. Some of its top-rated charities working in Haiti are:

Doctors Without Borders

Hope for Haiti

World Vision

Compassion, International

All of the organizations listed above have established outreach in Haiti and know what to do in crisis situations.

Another way to contribute would be setting up a clothing/food/medical supplies drive in your neighborhood.  Contact your favorite charity that works in Haiti and ask what they need.  Then set up a drive in your neighborhood, at your church or school, or workplace and ask people to donate the desperately needed items.  Your chosen charity will be able to help you with the details of what is needed and how to get it into the hands of those who are able to distribute the items.

At the moment the world’s eyes on on Haiti and aid is pouring in but recovery is going to take a very long time.  My brother Solomon has worked with an amazing organization in Haiti called Danita’s Children.  This organization rescues, cares for and educates orphans.  Believing that any hope for the nation of Haiti resides within its children, Danita’s Children operates a school and orphanage that takes in children who have no one to care for them, provides them with food, shelter, education, relationships, and lots of love.  You can take part in this by sponsoring one (or more) of the children living there by clicking here.  For $29.00 a month your sponsored child will be well cared-for and equipped with the tools to bring change to a nation that desperately needs it.  By partnering in this way you can help the recovery effort continue once the rubble has been cleared and the rescue teams return home.

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One Response to Haiti

  1. Solomon says:


    Thanks sooo much for posting this. I just got an email from Danita that said she was going to Port Au Prince to rescue orphans and bring them back to her orpahanage in Ouanamithe. I’d love to see more people support her as she endevors to help even more children. Love you Becca!

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