We woke up to a beautiful, sunny morning in Pisa.  Temps were frigid but sunshine makes anything bearable.  We walked over to the Rhone and took in all the brightly colored buildings.  I was so jealous of the people in this picture:

Just a nice Sunday morning row along the Arno. Doesn't that look idyllic Mom????

I love the colorful buildings - a welcome change from the marble and granite.

We meandered through the streets and I took a lot of pictures of cute little alleyways – which I’ll post in a separate entry.  After a little while we made our way to Pisa’s most famous landmark.

The famous Leaning Tower

The tower is in a gorgeous complex called Piazza del Duomo (or “Piazza dei Miracoli”), a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Along with the tower there is a gorgeous Cathedral, Baptistry, and Camposanto.  All rendered in gleaming marble the buildings are remarkable.  It was the perfect day to visit as the sun was shining making the sky a brilliant blue, which coupled with the green grass provided the perfect background for these gorgeous buildings.

The Piazza

Scotty leaning with the tower.

Bright! Bright! Sunshine!

We decided to climb up the tower thinking that would provide some great views but were dissuaded when we discovered it would cost €30.00 for the two of us to make the climb.  I don’t know about you but €30.00 seemed a bit steep – especially since we were in Italy and that €30.00 could buy a lot of amazing pasta and pizza!  As the square is quite remarkable we were happy to save the money and wander around.  We went inside the Cathedral and I would highly recommend that – there are gorgeous frescoes on the walls, the marble work is breathtaking, and the ceiling is intricately and elaborately decorated.  No photos allowed though so you’ll have to go to see it…or google it.

€15.00 to climb up the tower!

Corner of the Cathedral, the Baptistry, and the Camposanto.

It is so beautiful!

Facade of the cathedral.

Gorgeous green grass!

We were amused by the following scene, which we couldn’t quite figure out.  There was a couple dressed up for a wedding along with some attendants.  These people had lots of make-up on, glitter in their hair and were obviously there to get their pictures taken.  There was a director type person who was ordering everyone around and a camera man.  The problem was a whole group of tourists kept pushing into the pictures and wanting their pictures taken with the groom and not-too-happy bride.  I don’t know if there people were celebrities or what, but it made for some funny scenes.

Wedding with an unhappy-looking bride.

After watching for a few minutes we proceeded on our loop of the Piazza and took a few more pictures of the buildings.

Very striking!

The single picture we have of us together on this trip.

Silly tower pictures were taken...

We were hungry by this time and decided to return to a restaurant that had been recommended to us the night before but had been completely packed at 11PM!!!  Le Scuderie is known for having the best pizza in town and they sell it by the meter!  How fun is that?  We had really wanted to try it when we arrived but the place was absolutely packed with locals (not a tourist in sight…except for us) and there was a line out the door.  It was much quieter when we got there this afternoon – in fact the only people in the restaurant were the wife and children of one of the chefs.  They were happily munching away on some delicious looking food when we took our seats.  We ordered and were so happy with our dishes.  I would definitely recommend going there (Le Scuderie, Via Sancasiani).  We weren’t able to try the pizza but the pasta was delicious and it was really fun to sit there and see the restaurant fill up with families who were personally greeted by the owner.

Next up we needed to catch our train to Siena!

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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5 Responses to Pisa

  1. Karin says:

    Crazy! I saw a random wedding when I was in Italy……

  2. derekryanbrown says:

    Dang it. I’ve always thought Pisa was overrated and have been smugly content with myself for avoiding it while in Italy last summer. After your blog I feel like I missed out.

  3. POP says:

    Wow to see “the Leaner” (partially made famous by Galileo’s ‘cannon ball’ experiment in 1589)
    and the wedding of Akahama Setsuna and the legendary Akifumi Yuuma in one day is quite spectacular. Brilliant really. You two always seem to hit it out of the Queen’s perch!

    Great pictures btw.

  4. Lindsey Enlow says:

    I am so jealous that you guys were in Pisa! I lived there for 6 weeks and seeing your pictures brought back so many memories. Isn’t Le Scuderie wonderful?! I went there my first night in Italy. It was packed but SO worth the experience! I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit to Pisa. Tell Scotty hi for me. 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Lindsey. Glad you found the blog. Scotty says hi! We had a great time in Pisa and it’s such a “small world moment” to know that you enjoyed Le Scuderie as well. I’m sure you made the most of your time there. If we head back to the area we’ll be asking you for tips.

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