Valentine’s Day!

What did you do for Valentine’s day?  Scotty and I had a remarkably relaxed and fun one.  It involved a bit of touristy stuff, time with friends and a romantic dinner for two.  What more could a girl want?

Our touristy activity was planned by Amanda (who has a hilarious blog and if you haven’t visited it you should!  Just click on her name.).  She had heard about this church called the Mansfield Traquair Centre.  Apparently it’s called “Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel” and while I would say that’s quite a stretch, this church is remarkable and definitely worth a visit!  Originally built for the Catholic Apostolic Church, it is decorated throughout with beautiful painted panels by Phoebe Anna Traquair, one of the leading British figures in the Arts and Crafts Movement.  The church is only open to the public one day per month being rented for events the rest of the time.  Well, it was open on Sunday so we went to check it out.  I loved it.  The paintings have all lovingly been restored after years of neglect threatened to destroy them.  There are paintings depicting Old Testament and New Testament stories, depictions of scenes described in Revelation and a huge mural picturing the Second Coming.  Additionally there are some gorgeous paintings that tell the parable of the Ten Virgins.  I couldn’t get great photos as no flash was allowed but here’s what I was able to capture:

The Mansfield Traquair Centre

The Church

Love the bright red door!

Stained glass window inside the church.

Murals on the ceiling.

Main sanctuary


More stained glass

Detail of the Ten Virgins

Seriously could not get enough of all the color

Looking back toward the entrance - mural above the door depicts the second coming.

Scenes from the life of Christ.

Scenes from Revelation

Huge fresco over the Altar

Detail from the Second Coming - here people are entering heaven each being greeted by an angel.

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day!

  1. Karin says:

    The bright red door picture is my favorite! So appropriate for Valentine’s day 🙂

  2. Josh says:

    I think the Traquair looks exactly like the Sistine… I mean the room is shaped the same… and… there are some people in it… and you can’t take flash photography… and did I mention that the room is shaped the same?
    Beautiful pictures Bec!

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