Moving on…

After 21 months in our lovely flat, we’re being forced to move.  I’m not one who normally gets attached to the places I live but so much has happened in our little flat that the thought of moving is really sad to me.  Our landlord has decided to sell it which means we need to be out. We’ve spent the past four weeks trolling through countless letting agency ads and websites.  We visited six flats which ranged from livable to disgusting.  Scotty’s been a champ when it comes to scheduling viewings so we’ve been able to give ourselves a bit of time to find the right place for us.  I would really like to think of myself as someone who could live anywhere and make the best of any circumstances – but after our first year here I know that I can do it but not well  For those of you who don’t know about our first year in Scotland, we lived in a tiny, dreary flat up over 100 stairs.  While the view was nice that was about the only thing the flat had to offer.  It was student housing, which meant that we had to endure fire drills, dorm checks, and other annoyances.  Other restrictions included no hangings on the walls and no candles.  It made it extremely difficult to create a feeling of homey-ness.  I also believe that until you’re able to have people over to your home and fill it with sounds, laughter, stories, good food smells, and the other elements of community, a place just remains a place without the warming effect of a developing history.  Due to extreme size limitations it was really difficult to accomplish that in our first flat.  So when we found our current flat it was such a welcome change.  We’ve had dinners, parties, guests, family, and really filled that place with our story.  I don’t have as many pictures up on the walls as I’d like but my dad and brothers and mom have all stayed there and left their mark.  We had guests from the States and hosted a fellow PhD student.  Scotty and I have had both wonderful and difficult discussions at our dinner table.  We’ve loved one another well there and learned about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  I’ve had friends bring me hot miso soup when I’ve been sick.  I’ve held dessert parties to welcome new wives to the New College community here.  A baby shower was hosted to welcome a new life into our circle of friends.  New friendships have been made and nurtured and losses have been mourned.  I know this all sounds really sappy but our place on Belford road has seen a lot in the past 21 months.  It will be a very sad moment to lock the door behind us for the last time.  And goodness knows I’m going to miss this:

Best stove I've ever had the privilege of using!

But with change comes new opportunities and we found a new flat yesterday!  It’s really funky and I’m excited about making it our new home.  It definitely needs more work than our current flat – the sofas are in good condition but the upholstery is dreadful, the rugs will have to go, and there is a lot of furniture that I’ll probably lock in a closet.  But it’s going to be a good opportunity to work with what we have and make it our own.  I really do not want to pack up all our stuff but will relish the chance to purge some things that need to go.  It’s the one thing I like about moving – throwing stuff out!  So cathartic.  And so, in the spirit of being positive about our forced move I would love to hear your advice on relocating and the things you like about the experience.  Any tips would also be greatly appreciated and if you want to list your moving gripes, you’ll have a sympathetic audience.  Please share!!!  And have a wonderful weekend my dears!

On a closing note I would like to leave you with this gorgeous picture that Scotty took last week:

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3 Responses to Moving on…

  1. jukelulie says:

    So glad you found a new place! It’s a bummer that you have to leave the place you have made “home” but when I was reading your list of memories I realized it was all memories involving people! You will miss your place but you have an amazing gift in making people feel at home wherever you are and I know you will be able to minister to people and make the new place “home”. (the quotes are b/c St.Louis is HOME!)
    I am mourning your kitchen for you though…
    Miss you!

  2. POP says:

    Julie’s right. The houses we live in only provide the canvas to paint our life on. Our best memories are made up of those most dear to us. Relationship =’s memories and you have made some valuable ones there! Your memory will let go of the place but not people in the place.
    Sorry about having to move, however. Its usually never fun except getting some pleasure in junking the junk and liking the stuff you keep more. Can’t wait to see pictures of the new place. I liked the old
    kitchen too (lets say it had personality). Is the new bathroom bigger and dare I say warmer? 🙂
    Where is new location?

  3. Bethy Manor says:

    I agree with Pop and I, too, would like to see pictures of the new place. I think that you will miss the old flat, but that you will quickly make memories in the new one. I’m sorry that you have to go through the process of moving, though. When will the move take place?

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