Lost items…

Maybe it was the fourth move in less than three years, the fact that my life’s possessions are spread across 10,000 miles, or just basic curiosity on my part but I have been photographing lost items.  Those things you walk past on the street and not really give much thought to.  Here in Edinburgh there seems to be an epidemic of people losing articles of clothing.  I first noticed it about six months ago when I walked past a pair of men’s shoes.  Yes, two matching shoes sitting side by side on the sidewalk.  Next to a bottle of beer.  I figured there was a story in that little scene and the following weeks took me past lots more curious little still-lifes like that one.  So I started pulling out my camera and snapping a quick shot.  Of course, once my camera was involved the really interesting lost items vanished and I was left with mittens and scarves.  Not quite as interesting but still a fun little photographic collection.

Sad grey mitten near our flat.

Child's mitten in the Park

Coat belt - thoughtfully wrapped around a poll by a passerby.

Perky Purple mitten in an unfortunate pose.

Leather glove left in a passage way between Charlotte Square and Queensferry.

Wollen mitten abandoned near Queensferry Road

Tartan scarf wrapped around a temporary street sign.

Boring black mitten looking quite dejected.

Glove spotted in the Leith Waters.

Floppy red hat in Drumsheugh Gardens.

Frozen Rainbow!

Simple design - fun color.

Just plain creepy.


My favorite - can you spot it???

About Rebecca

Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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5 Responses to Lost items…

  1. dancingbeastie says:

    This is a lovely quirky collection that made me smile. Good comments too. Can’t help feeling you could publish a wee book of your detailed observations of Edinburgh: doors, colours, lost gloves…very appealing!

  2. tictac says:

    this is very interesting!!! i miss you sister!!! I found the blue glove at the end!!!!

  3. Mandy says:

    cute post Becca!
    I love your beautiful life friend!

  4. Sloane says:

    I have totally thought of doing a photo series of items that have fallen off the lift into the snow….I’m always amazed at what people drop. That said, I haven’t done it because I’m sure my camera would become one of the items! 🙂

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