The Great Edinburgh Run

Great Edinburgh Run

Today Scotty and Matthew ran in the Great Edinburgh Run, a 10K with 10,000 other runners!  I tagged along to document the event and it was a great experience.  Last year Scotty and I cheered Matthew on but this year Scotty decided to get in on the action.  The day was absolutely glorious!

What a perfect day for a race!

New College

We met up with Matthew in front of New College and the guys pinned on their race numbers – I got a kick out of them fumbling with little safety pins.

Making those safety pins work.

Check out that sky!

Me looking on...

After the guys got all kitted up we walked down to Holyrood.  This was a different race course than last year because the Queen had opened up Holyrood for the first time – allowing the runners to run through the courtyard of the palace!  Pretty cool.  The race started in the shadow of Arthur’s Seat and I have to say it was a pretty impressive course.  I mean how often do you see a race course that runs beneath an extinct volcano, through a medieval city, down a Royal Mile and through a palace courtyard?  From what I was hearing it is also a pretty challenging course with steep hills and narrow passes and all sorts of other challenges.

Great setting for a race. The race was covered live on the telly over here so there were three helicopters circling the whole time.

Scotty and Matthew made their way through the masses of people while I stood at the start line trying to get some pictures.  One group was an actual wedding party!  The bride and groom, along with 20 members of their wedding party ran together to raise money for cancer research.  Pretty cool – and a memorable way to have a wedding.

Bride and Groom

The wedding party. I like the guy with the bow tie!

The elite women lining up for the start.

And go! These are some of the fastest women in the world - world champions, Olympic medalists.

The elite men.

Elmo and Darth...

The bridal party started off the group the Scotty and Matthew were assigned to.

If you look closely you can see Scotty and Matt just after they crossed the start line.

I wandered around while Scotty and Matthew ran and made my way over to the finish line.

First place men's finisher.

Scotty and Matthew crossing the finish line together - They're a bit in the shadows but you can make them out.


It was a great morning and really fun to be a part of such a huge event – even if I wasn’t running.  Scotty had a fun time running with Matthew and plans on returning next year!

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8 Responses to The Great Edinburgh Run

  1. Katie says:

    super fun! i would have loved to do that this year but was just a tad out of shape 🙂

  2. Alison says:

    Lovely documentation of the event and great pics.

  3. Ashli says:

    Yay! I’m glad you documented it. And I love that Matt and Scotty are matching! Haha! Looks like it was a beautiful day, too!

  4. POP says:

    Splendid work Scotty and Matt…..and on a splendid day. It’s so refreshing to see the sun shining over and you all enjoying it very much!

  5. Bethy Manor says:

    I loved the way you covered the race and was that ‘hardware’ around Scotty and Matthew’s neck something everyone received for completing the course? I also thought it was impressive that they were running with world class athletes! It looks like it was a wonderful Spring day.

  6. realoves says:

    Oh Scotty–so proud of you and so fun to see you back in the running! What a wonderful experience! Thanks Bec for the great pics!

  7. Hilary says:

    Great post Becca! Good job Scotty! That is very cool that you were around all those world class athletes.

  8. Scott says:

    I’d like the record to show that both Matthew and I beat Elmo. Though I must hand it to the little fella… he’s fast.

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