A week in review…

This past week was “freshers” week here in Edinburgh.  The city, having just caught its breath from all the festivals of August, now welcomed new and returning students.  This meant a busy week and here’s some pictures from a few of the things Scotty and I participated in.

The annual ceilidh at New College is a great event and this year was a lot of fun.  It’s always held at Rainy Hall, which is a great venue for a traditional Scottish dance.

Rainy Hall

Everyone holding hands for Auld Lang Syne

It's difficult to take pictures of people dancing.

The next event was an afternoon tea at my flat.  A group of my friends wanted to welcome the newly arrived wives of some of the New College students so we put on a tea.

Katy made some delicious, and beautiful, cupcakes. She also made Earl Grey truffles. They were amazing!

Just one of three tables we managed to completely fill with food. I have a problem with over-cooking and over-planning on food.

Amanda's chocolate dipped shortbread. Yummy!

Tea was served in antique china.

And, of course, there were tea sandwiches.

All very girly...

It was a really fun afternoon and I think that Amanda, Ashli, Katy, Lauren and I make a good team.  We had fun putting it all together, gathering information to help people get settled, and meeting new friends.

On Sunday, we took a hike up Salisbury Crags with some of the new students and a couple of New College veterans.

It's weird to think that three years ago we took a similar hike up Arthur's Seat with a group of fellow new arrivals. Three years later, Edinburgh feels like home and we've really grown to love living here.

Scotty and me - a bit sweaty and windblown after our "hill walk".

Amanda and me - a year ago we did the same hike with Amanda and her husband, Joe. They were newly arrived so we had to document our "one-year anniversary" with a picture!

For both Scotty and me, it was a really fun week full of meeting new people.  We’re now a bit tired out and ready to get back to work!

About Rebecca

Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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5 Responses to A week in review…

  1. Karin says:

    I love recognizing all these places! I remember Scotty telling me about the dance in Rainy Hall!!

    The way you pay attention to details and make your parties and your home so warm and inviting…..ahh, warms my heart.

    Is that green ribbon around the sandwiches? I’m just impressed by all of this. I really think you need to start a business and teach others how to do all of this. It’s a gift.

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks Karin! You’re too kind. The green around the sandwiches is a blanched chive – really easy and I think it’s a fun detail.
      We’re going to be in Florida in December and would love to see you!

  2. POP says:

    Thanks for sharing and filling us in on your extraordinary week!
    Wow you two always seem to be to go the extra mile. Get some rest. Love the picture of you and Scotty.

  3. Katie says:

    Was it really a year ago that we were throwing the tea for the new wives? Wow! That food looks yum, oh I miss you guys!

  4. marty says:

    it’s funny that karin zeroed in on the same thing i was gonna ask (is the green ribbon around the sandwiches EDIBLE?) good to know…

    aren’t you glad not to be a ‘newbie’ anymore? i was walkign past the library here on Friday thanking God that i’m not new, what a relief!

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