Hello November! And finishing up London

I cannot believe that it’s already November.  I feel as though I completely missed August, September, and October.  Those three months just completely blew past me and now we’re closing in on Christmas; a fact I’m continually reminded of when I walk through town.  There is no order to wait until November to start putting up holiday wares here – the stores begin setting out their Christmas cards at the beginning of October!  While my holiday-loving husband would love to live in a land of perpetual Christmas, I’m a total grinch compared to him. While I love Christmas, I think it should wait its turn until after Thanksgiving, which just happens to be my favorite holiday.  Anyway, before more time slips away, here’s the rest of the London trip.

Our third day began with an outing to Little Venice.

Little VeniceMy parents had told me about this cute little area and so Scotty and I set out to explore.  It’s charming and you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to live in one of these houseboats.  Little Venice is so quiet and quaint.

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast on a cafe built on a bridge where the above picture was our view!  After that it was off to Richmond Park.  We had read that this was great place to see deer but we missed them and instead discovered some beautiful paths and took a nice walk through this vast area that used to be the kings’ private hunting grounds.

Isn't it enchanting?

We enjoyed a walk around Richmond, which despite it’s close proximity to London could be any classic English town.  It felt worlds away from the hustle and bustle.  Afterwards, it was back to SoHo for dinner.

The next day we decided to check out London Bridge, via the London Town Hall.

Making our way to the south side of the Thames.

The very modern buildings serve as a great counterpoint to the ancient Tower of London.

The London Town Hall

We spent about 40 minutes inside the Hall talking with a security guard who happily showed us around and let us walk into the gallery.

Inside Town Hall

Next up, Tower Bridge.

Views from the bridge:

Behind the glass building is a new structure called The Shard, which upon completion, will be the tallest building in Europe!

We decided to explore the south side for a bit.

Next on the agenda was the British Museum.  The problem was we had forgotten to pack our maps of London and so we walked and walked and walked and then got caught in a huge downpour.  And found that we were no where near our destination.  This called for a nice warming cup of mulled cider.

Perfect for a cold and freezing afternoon.

We took refuge under some awnings outside a pub, sipped our steaming cider, and watched London rush by – and it’s quite the sight to sit and watch rush-hour in the rain.  Bikers, walkers, cars, taxis, busses – it’s chaos.

We had dinner at a great Lebanese restaurant in Marylebone after wandering through Daunt Books.

The next day we were definitely going to get in the British Museum – despite all my trips to this great city, I had yet to see this iconic London landmark.

That's me, so excited to see the Rosetta Stone!! Yes, I'm a nerd.

And there she is! I've been fascinated with the Rosetta Stone since I first read about it in elementary school. And I think it's amazing that the British have it - I mean, it was Egyptian, discovered by Napoleon's army, and somehow it's now sitting in London!?!

Horse from the Parthenon.

Easter Island statue

The "Flood" story from Epic of Gilgamesh!

The "Flood" story from Epic of Gilgamesh!

The variety of treasures all housed under the roof of the British Museum is mind boggling.  I think I could spend days here – and one has to consider the amazing arrogance and fortuitous foresight of the British.  Their ability to recognize archeological treasures and then invest the time and resources in bringing them to Britain is amazing – and so brazen.  Who knows how many of these priceless bits of human history would have been lost if they hadn’t done it – and yet, it seems that the countries they were taken from have every right to feel a bit gipped.  And to top it all off, the building is gorgeous too!

Next it was hopping a bus to get to the airport.  A great trip and again I’m torn by the feelings that I know London a little bit better but still haven’t begun to scratch the surface.

About Rebecca

Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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12 Responses to Hello November! And finishing up London

  1. Graham Chernoff says:

    Love the photos of the Town Hall interior! You have a great knack for composure. All your photos do so well what they should on a blog like this: make you want to go to that place, right now!

    Isn’t the building under construction called the Shard? I thought that’s what that one was, but maybe the Shard is in a different spot?

  2. Donna says:

    WONDERFUL photos with so much charm!! Truly captures the country!! Like being on vacation…thankyou!!

  3. realoves says:

    Hi Bec and Scotty,
    I am currently reading Eric Metaxes’s biography of Deitrich Bonhoeffer and just read last night that while researching Christian seminaries he visited a Methodist one in Richmond. So I was wondering where in GB Richmond was! How fun that you were just there, and what an amazingly beautiful place!
    Your photo of the stair case at the London Town Hall looks like it’s right out of the Economist!
    Loved seeing the up close pics of the London Bridge. Tot and I are reading Heart of Darkness and had just read the part about the rivets! That was the scene where for the lack of a few rivets (which were piled everywhere at the central station!) he couldn’t put his steamboat back together for months! The rivets on that bridge are amazing. OK, enough of my obscure literary connections! Love you!

  4. marty says:

    Love the pics esp. of Tower Bridge…

    I also have never been to the British Museum…must see it someday!

    Love you both,

    • Rebecca says:

      Hey Marthy! Thanks. The British Museum really is amazing. You should come over for a Scotland visit with a leg in London. We have a great guest bedroom!

  5. Bethy Manor says:

    I’m with Marty. My favorite is the close up of Tower Bridge. Someday you should blow it up and frame it and hang it on a wall on your home.

  6. Russ says:

    Great tour Becca! I love being able to walk in your footprints with you. Tower Bridge is so unique. Its like the childish giant of world-class architecture, kinda playfully useful….maybe it’s the circus color paint job. BTW last time there it looked as though there was a wedding reception going on in the top room of the south tower and fancy dressed guests were walking out on the top platforms between the towers. Can you imagine. Also I noted the Scottish paratroopers were in town with a demonstration of their skillful training on full display. Can’t you shake those guys!

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