Our ten days in Florida were great!  We got to spend some sweet time with Scotty’s family, visit his grandparents, see old high school friends and soak up a bit of sunshine.  We will be returning to Edinburgh a lesser shade of pale!  Always worth celebrating.  It was so relaxing I didn’t end up taking a ton of photos – sometimes the camera also needs a break.  But here’s some of the pictures I did take.

Annie, Poppa, and Scotty

The four of us at breakfast.

One of the sweetest couples I know! They are about to celebrate their 67th anniversary!

After our visit with Annie and Poppa, we headed up to New Smyrna beach where Scotty’s parents had rented a condo.  It was so great to have a few days at the beach!

View from the balcony.

You can just see Daytona in the background.

Scotty and I have a bad habit of forgetting that California and Florida experience winter too – so while the weather wasn’t the blistering temps we were expecting, it was still very nice.  Not quite warm enough to sit on the beach but there was a lovely pool where we spent hours trying to get some sun.  On a few days this meant that I would sit on a lounge chair in a sweatshirt waiting for the sun to break through.  On the last day it did and we sure soaked it up.

My feet are very happy!

We celebrated an early Christmas with Scotty’s parents.

As you can see, Scotty and I managed to get a little pink!

The days at the beach were so relaxing – the perfect way to unwind from two crazy weeks of travel.  Rested and re-energized, we returned to Winter Park where we met up with a couple of Scotty’s childhood friends.


These three have been friends for over twenty years!

And then it was back to Edinburgh, via NYC!

For those of you who are wondering (we were frequently asked about this), although Scotty and I managed to fly through several of the major US airports (Newark, Atlanta, LAX, Houston, Dallas, Orlando) we were never subjected to the full-body scanners.  It was kinda funny to be flying during all the hullabaloo and never even run into anything worth getting consternated about.  Only once was I subjected to a full pat-down which leads me to one final thing: female passengers should avoid wearing skirts.  At the little tiny San Luis Obispo airport I had to go through the whole pat-down thing simply because I was wearing a skirt.  And when you’re in a skirt and someone is doing the pat-down, it’s very thorough. So let’s just say that it’s fairly embarrassing to be standing there while someone sticks their hand up your skirt and pats down your thighs…in front of everyone…So don’t wear skirts!

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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5 Responses to Florida

  1. Cindy says:

    I especially liked your “pink” picture with your lovely in-laws!

  2. Hilary says:

    Interesting about the skirt experience!! Not that I will be traveling anywhere any time soon, but I will keep that in mind when I do:)

    I’m so glad you got some warmth in Florida! I too was hoping you were going to get temps in the high 70’s, but at least you got some sun. Thanks for all the great posts!!

  3. audrey says:

    You look FABulous in these pix…happy and contented to be visiting family and friends. Loved the views from your beach condo…so calming. Will remember the tip on no skirts through airports!

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