Hi friends!

My oh my – it’s been quiet around here. And it’s going to be for a little bit longer. My work project has been a strange mix of fascinating and frustrating. I’m working on a project that requires lots of reading, research and writing and I love all of that – it’s just the boring parts of pulling it all together that I somehow seem to get stuck on. Anyway, I’ve been learning some very interesting things about Beowulf and the Medieval world and that’s always fun. Scotty’s also been busy working away on his dissertation (in the midst of fighting off his third! cold of the winter) so the two of us are at risk of becoming very dull indeed. In order to stave off the “all work and no play” curse, we have had a few fun outings. I took a cooking class with my friend Katy and have since mastered ratatouille- or at least Scotty thinks so. It’s been inspiring and although it’s a dish best served in the spring/summer when all the veggies are at their peak, it has been fun to play around with the mix of aubergine, courgette, peppers and onions. Smitten Kitchen has a version that looks amazing and it’s on my to-try list for when the weather warms up. We’ve also developed an addiction to a game called Milles Bornes, a French card game that we play with our friends the Riveras. If you can get the game I highly recommend it – it’s played in teams and all the cards are in French, a feature that makes it even more fun because everyone inevitably starts talking with a French accent! “Crevé!” Impromptu game nights are one of the best ways to pass these long winter nights.

Here in the throes of February I am missing heat – the feeling of warm sunshine, the possibility of going outside without bracing oneself against the cold. Spring in Edinburgh is gorgeous and although it’s a good six to ten weeks off, I am already finding myself looking for signs of new life. So for your Tuesday morning, here’s some springy pictures.

Princes Street Gardens last spring.

And for a laugh here’s a picture of a sign I spotted at a local take-away. Appetizing, right?

You have a choice of our lovely Spinache (hmm), Pee and Ham (mmm), or Collieflower soup. Seriously, not a single soup here is spelled correctly!

Have a lovely day!

About Rebecca

Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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4 Responses to Hi friends!

  1. POP says:

    “I’ll take the ham on wheat with mustard, hold the ………”
    On second thought maybe the “collie” and the “pee” go together
    as a side or something.

  2. You’re right! The soups don’t really read that appetizing – but they are cheap though! Love the picture of the daffodils; I really miss them here in Portugal

    PS saw your comment on WordPress so thought I would drop by and say “hi” 8)

  3. Bethy Manor says:

    Becca, your cooking skills, ingredients and new recipes never cease to amaze me! The cooking class sounded like fun and of course, Scotty is the lucky beneficiary. Good luck on your writing. I miss you.

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