April Fool’s Day – leave it for the nerds and geeks!

The moment Hank comes up with the perfect plan for his prank.

So it’s not even 1PM and I have been bombarded with April Fool’s” jokes” in the form of advertising emails. Is it only me or is it a little annoying that this day has been hijacked by marketers? Whatever happened to leaving the jokes to clever MIT students, little kids, and the smart jokesters? A camera store sent me an email about their new “Scent Camera” – boring.  And then used the email to link to advertising for their company. How disappointing. I mean really, I think that April Fool’s Day is one of the few designated calendar days that hasn’t been completely hijacked by marketers – they’ve taken over Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Arbor Day. Can’t they just have the decency to leave this little day alone? I don’t want fake adverts. I want a good NPR story that gets people calling in only to be laughed at and hear the words “Gotcha!” Plus this is the day ruled by nerds – they’re the best at coming up with hoaxes. I mean the Google Motion one was pretty funny – especially the guy doing the “Lick a stamp” motion for sending your email.

Here’s some of my favorite April Fool’s stories:

President Sarkozy’s £10,000 Umbrella

Child Free Flights on Ryan Air

“Greedy Gene” explains Banker’s Behavior

Swiss Spaghetti Harvest

I think it’s funny that if you Google “Helvetica” today all the results will come up in Comic Sans – the scourge of any Helvetica fan. Really this is the day for the geeks to shine – the internet provides the perfect platform for universal, harmless, and funny pranks. Madison Avenue needs to leave it alone. And that’s all I have to say about that! What are your favorite April Fool’s jokes? Have you pulled a doozy that you want to share?

Photograph from: http://www.gearfuse.com/13-year-old-nerd-claims-to-have-cracked-ipod-touch-111/

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