Lost Items – Paris Edition!

I had so much fun with my Lost Items series in Edinburgh. Looking out for these items kept me on-alert and I think I benefitted from that increased awareness. Now that I’m in Paris, I thought I’d continue looking for waylaid things. In our two weeks here, I’ve spotted a few. I had actually be expecting to feel inundated – after all the city of Paris has 22 times the population of Edinburgh! And there are loads of distracted tourists and I thought there would be things everywhere. So far it just simply has not been the case. Now, it has been quite warm so there were no occasions to wear scarves or gloves – those may turn up as the weather turns. We will see if Parisians are simply better at keeping all their things together, or if Scots are just willing to actually stop and pick things up and carefully place them in obvious spots. Anyway, here’s my finds so far.

Oh dear! Someone's going to go un-coiffed and it's fashion week. Merde!

There may not be as many items of clothing, but this is the first office chair on a fence I've spotted! And it was in a church yard. Makes me think some parishioner really didn't like the sermon and his meeting with the pastor did not go well! Either that or this is a 21st Century reintroduction of the use of public humiliation. Instead of sticking people in stocks, maybe they have to sit out here for a few hours.

A fine pair of boat shoes - these look like they have seen many a beach and skiff.

Spotted in the Luxembourg Gardens - probably blew off a tourist's head.

Now, since I’m writing about lost items, I thought it would be fun to see if anyone else photographs wayward stuff. It would be really fun to put together a collection of pictures from all over the world. Anyone in? Send me your pics and I’ll put them together.

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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7 Responses to Lost Items – Paris Edition!

  1. audrey says:

    Love the new title of the blog and the new edition of lost items. i never look for lost items but will begin. headed to nebraska for harvest this afternoon…who knows whats waylaid in NE?

  2. POP says:

    3rd picture….aren’t those Scotty’s?

    • smanor says:

      How dare you insinuate that I would ever leave such a treasure as my boat shoes unaccounted for. I’m happy to say that I am wearing said shoes as I write this, so rest assured, Russ. All is well.

  3. POP says:

    I wasn’t absolutely sure…..
    these at least had laces on them.

  4. Bethy Manor says:

    I thought those might be Scotty’s boat shoe also!

  5. Bethy Manor says:

    p.s. Although there was no floppy hole in the toes and you’re right, Russ – no laces!

  6. Karin says:

    Oh man, I love the chair

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