Promenade Plantées

Well things are quieting down here in Paris – although there are indications that holiday markets and bizarres are on their way. A giant ferris wheel is currently under construction at the Place de Concorde and I am determined to ride that thing come December. How fun would that be? Christmas decorations are going up on the walls of department stores and in the street lights. It’s actually making me pretty excited about experiencing Christmas here. Normally I’m one of those grinch types that gripes about Christmas celebrations encroaching on Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), but here there is no Thanksgiving and therefore I don’t have to defend the less commercialized holiday.

Anyway, Scotty is in the States for the next little bit and I’m trying to get some work done while he is away. So, I probably won’t be blogging quite as much – plus going out and seeing new things isn’t nearly as fun without my partner-in-crime. Before he left we did visit a few cool places, so I’ll get things updated while he’s away.

I ran across this great blog where the author, Luce, wrote about visiting the Promenade Plantée – sort of the forerunner to the NY High Line Park. Basically, it’s an old railway track that had fallen out of use and was supposed to be torn down. Some innovative thinkers stepped in and proposed turning it into a park – a long, elevated park. While November probably isn’t the best time of year to visit any park in the Northern Hemisphere, it was still pretty and I am looking forward to seeing it in the spring. One of my favorite things about it was getting a sort of elevated view of the city – peeking into people’s balconies (which are apparently used as storage rooms here in the cramped city), seeing the streets from above. Here’s some pics:

The garden runs along the top of these shops.

One of the main entrances.

The bridge you see here is part of the promenade. It shakes when you walk on it, which I think is pretty fun.

I was sort of fascinated by this spider building its web inside a leaf.

Reproductions of Michelangelo's The Dying Slave adorn the police headquarters.

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5 Responses to Promenade Plantées

  1. Bethy Manor says:

    This all looks lovely! I just had lunch with Scotty and told him what a great girl you are! We ate on Park Avenue and really missed you and wished you could have been here too.

  2. So glad you made it to the Promenade Plantée and enjoyed it! Will be interesting to see how it looks in spring with the new leaves and flowers coming out. I went and saw the High Line last week and it was definitely a lot busier than the Paris version. Still working my way through the photo backlog but looking forward to doing a comparison.

  3. orenji says:

    These are so beautiful that I want to cry.

  4. rouenna says:

    Oh, finally I realized this is the park where they shot Before Sunset. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely new year. 🙂

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