Happy Thanksgiving from Paris

This is the holiday that makes me the most homesick. And it probably doesn’t help that this year Scotty’s been away for 11 days and I’ve been sick. But he get’s back this morning – I’ve been tracking his flight and it’s safely landed and here’s to hoping he has no visa trouble at customs. I can’t wait to see him!

And that anticipation is mediating the melancholy I feel at not being at home with my family on this, my absolute favorite holiday of the year. It’s sort of sad to be in a country that doesn’t set aside a day in which families travel unending miles to be together and give thanks. This holiday is where the Bergs are in their element. From full-blown pilgrim play productions when I was younger, to fantastic Babette’s Feast style dinner productions there is always a bit of frenetic energy in the air. People are coming and going, extra tables are set up, napkins are ironed, groceries are piled high. Great cooking smells fill the air. Solomon never fails to create a beautiful “tablescape”. Tatiana and Katie are so thrilled that everyone is back in town and they can usually be found playing with one of the nephews. Hilary is a beautiful mother and it’s so fun to watch her with her boys. Pop just looks happy. Mom loves the activity. Josh keeps people laughing. My family is a family of talkers so there are always a dozen different conversations taking place at the same time, each weaving into another. As the family has grown, new faces are added each year – first Scotty, than Jimmy, next Ashton. This is Grace’s first thanksgiving as a Berg! And it’s Brick’s first, if you don’t count last year when he was making pregnant Hilary sick. Lovely Becca will be there for her second Thanksgiving. I’m so thankful for each and every one of these “new” people. They’re each so uniquely wonderful and interesting and talented. They add balance, humor, perspective, sound (especially Ashton!), and joy. Every new person brings out an added element in everyone else’s personality and the richness of personalities is increasingly abundant. Of course, there are moments of drama and misunderstanding, but that’s family and we talk through it and apologize and forgive.

So to everyone, a happy Thanksgiving – may you spend it with those you love. And for your entertainment, here’s a photo from one of those long-ago pilgrim plays.

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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6 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving from Paris

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  2. POP says:

    Ahhhh Becca….it’s 11:24pm and the house is quiet and another Thanksgiving is past. It’s our holiday and it never gets old, just better. Your account of Thanksgivings past is so wonderful.
    You and Scotty and your special ways are greatly missed, but we are grateful that Scotty made it home safe and sound.
    Solomon and Becca’s engagement Wednesday made for a fabulous holiday with much joy and thanksgiving. Thanks for the posting, it made my heart glad, and was a perfect way to end the day.

  3. Bethy Manor says:

    Becca, you have a BEAUTIFUL family and I’m so glad that Scotty is a part of it and that we get to share in the highlights of it from afar.

  4. marty says:


    It’s fun to hear your recollection of this, your favorite holiday–didn’t know that! I hope you are feeling better and that it’s good to at least have Scotty there with you…I just got in from a dessert hosted by some local missionary expats here in town…meant a lot to be in a ‘home’, eat pecan and pumpkin pie! and fellowship with friends–new and old…

    Much, much love,

  5. Hilary says:

    Becca, it wasn’t the same without you and Scotty:( We had a wonderful time celebrating but everyone did feel there was a big ScottyBecca shaped hole. You perfectly captured the holiday though. Great post! We love you and hope that next year you will be there!

  6. realoves says:

    Thank you, Becca, for a lovely post once again. It was delightful to read it again after a few days have elapsed, and we’ve recovered from all the joy, the craziness and the fun. You and Scotty were sorely missed, and I hope we don’t ever have to do Thanksgiving with you half-way around the world! Loved the picture you found of the Pilgrim play. Those were such fun and happy days! I imagine we’ll be doing some of those once Ashton and Brick are a bit older (and of course, any future little Manors!). Fun to look forward to!

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