Christmas Eve and the Christmas Marché at La Defense

I'm going to miss walking past this every day.

The 24th was gorgeous here – bright and sunny, mild. I had a bunch of grocery shopping to do, so I made my way to the nearby Saturday market. It was bustling and festive and I loved every moment. I made my way through the different boothes – purchasing delicious looking cheese, some beautiful scallops, lovely saucisson, beautiful produce. Everyone was cheerful and shouting out “Bonne fete!” and “Joyeux Noel” – it was lovely.

Once I was done with my marketing, Scotty and I decided to head over to the large Christmas Marché at La Defense. We’d heard a lot about it and had never actually been to that part of town, so we hopped on the 1 Line and rode it until the end.

What a change – the Defense area is the commercial center of Paris – it’s new and shiny. So different from the old, quaint, charm that we usually associate with Paris.

The entrance to the market.

The market was great. Cute little huts, lots of interesting things – it reminded me of Edinburgh.

And we were not entirely surprised to see this group of musicians providing a lovely musical backdrop.

In our travels, we have have encountered two common factors in almost every city we visit. The first, is brides. Women, usually from Asia, with their husbands, wearing their wedding dresses and having their photos taken in front of famous monuments. It happens everywhere: Florence, Rome, Milan, Paris, St. Petersburg, London, etc. And the second, is groups of musicians of Native American descent. Whether they’re from South America – like the group above, or North America, there always seems to be a Native American Indian band, playing wood wind instruments.

Anyway, back to La Defense. After wandering the market for a little while, we decided to head to the Esplanade. There were some really spectacular buildings and the view back towards the L’Arc de Triumphe was beautiful. We also got to try out the “panorama” setting on our camera!

This all-glass building was my favorite. It was so beautiful and it reflected the sky in such a way that it almost seemed to disappear. I would love any of my architecture-knowledgeable friends or family members, to tell me more about this building.

At this point, we needed to head back home. When we got off at our stop, night had fully fallen and everything was so beautifully lit. I know we’ve taken pictures of these views a million times but I just can’t get enough. Plus, we’re moving in a week, so these are our last chances to document our time in this neighborhood.

From here, we made our way home to cook some dinner and bundle up for midnight mass at Notre Dame!

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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4 Responses to Christmas Eve and the Christmas Marché at La Defense

  1. Brian says:

    Those are awesome photos! What kind of camera are you using to take he panorama photos? …or are you using a particular lens?

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Brian,
      Thanks for your kind comments! I usually shoot with a Canon Rebel but it is getting really old and finicky. I wanted a smaller camera with all the manual settings, so I recently bought a Fujifilm X10. It’s the camera I used for these shots. It has a bit of a learning curve, but I’ve been impressed so far. I’ve only used it a couple of times but all shots in this posting were taken with it.

  2. fun! I would love to live in Paris for a year. Where are you moving to – somewhere else within Paris?

  3. POP says:

    Impressive contrast of two Paris’s. The one is comfortable, familiar and inviting while the other is energetic, daring and brash. Excellent pictures and, of course, I’m such a sucker for any French outdoor market. They are the masters of display.

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