An evening walk in Paris with friends

Old friends: Pat, Valerie, and my mom

I realized that many of you probably have no idea why my mom decided to spend an entire month in Paris, so here’s some background. In April 2011 Scotty and I got news that Scotty had been given a grant to study French in Paris for a year. The person who was most excited about this news was my mom, a Francophile through and through. The second she heard the news she determined that she was going to come over for a month. She had lived in Paris for a year when she was in her early twenties and had fallen deeply in love with this city and always dreamed of returning. It was her stories about working as an au pair and exploring museums that made me curious about this place as a child. She first returned in 1998 when we took our first family trip to Europe. We spent a drizzly week in Paris and everyone loved it. She’s been back a few times since but only for a week or two here and there and that really isn’t enough time to soak up the city, have time to visite the marchés and gather your friends for big dinners.

So, she researched and researched and found a gorgeous apartment, issued invitations to friends to join her and made this month happen. Above she is pictured with two of her oldest and closest friends, Pat and Valerie. Valerie has known my mom since before I was born and Pat taught me art classes as a kid. So, it was really fun to be able to interact with these fantastic women as an adult. Seeing my mom enjoy this city with her friends made me appreciate each of them more. They each brought unique perspectives and opinions to the art, architecture, history, and culture. Such a blessing to have friends like this!

Anyway, Valerie and Pat’s stay only overlapped by one day, but it was a beauty. We had dinner at the Mosque of Paris and afterwards wondered the streets on a beautiful moonlit night.

I love this little café – no I haven’t eaten here but I think it’s so charming.

Was completely focused on the sky while taking this picture. Totally failed to notice the ugly air-conditioning unit on the building.

There is a chance that after over eight months in Paris, I may have spent too much time looking at Impressionistic paintings. What do you think?

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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11 Responses to An evening walk in Paris with friends

  1. Love your last two shots!!! Also totally missed the AC unit – stunning blue sky!!! What a special time – it is a great idea of your mom, I can understand the need to do something like this!!! 🙂 **

  2. Karin says:

    Love that last shot!

  3. zelmare says:

    It sounds like the perfect way to spend time with dear friends. Your photographs are gorgeous! LOVE the little cafe, and that second to last shot is amazing! 🙂

  4. Ms Kristy says:

    I suddenly want to visit Paris REALLY BAD! 🙂

  5. realoves says:

    Thank you Becca for posting this reminder of special times with dear friends! The cafe is unbelievably quaint, and I’m sorry we missed going there! The second to last shot is stunning. Will send Val and Pat this link!

  6. Michele says:

    I was an au pair in London in 1989…..Greg and I were walking home from a play at National Theatre one evening. It hit me. God gave me my dream. This is what I dreamed about walking along in the city over twenty years earlier. I stopped him right there and kissed him for all the world to see. God is Good.

  7. audrey says:

    goosebumps reading this! so sweet! wonderful pix…especially the last!

  8. pat atkins says:

    wow! Becca and Scotty, friends for life…. again thanks for the fun times and the “hand/heart” warmer. You captured a starry, starry night pic! I’m looking forward to hearing about God’s next steps for you lives. See you in August! With love and joy over you two, pat

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  10. thepoolman says:

    I love the cutline on your final picture. Cute!

  11. POP says:

    “Starry, starry night. Paint your palette blue . . .”
    What a stunning evening in Paris to share with life long friends.
    Looking at some perfect memories here.

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