Oh dear…

The Marchés aux Puces is one of the most famous antique markets in Paris. Located north of the city, it’s a little village of dealers of antique lace, beautiful furniture, Art Deco treasures, and much much more.

Glen and Audrey were interested in checking it out and searching for a treasure to take home, so we headed up there along with Mom, Valerie, and Katie. We quickly found some pieces in mom’s favorite china pattern and enjoyed a bit of haggling. One piece was lowered 5€ in exchange for five kisses. No one will be named here…but it was hilarious! Those French shopkeepers can be tricky. 🙂

For a while Scotty had been telling me to keep an eye out for something that I would like to buy as a souvenir of our time in Europe. It looks like we’ll be giving up our European residency in June and are very sad to see it end. So, I had been trying to think of something that we could bring back with us. As we hadn’t registered for china when we got married, I had been kicking around the idea of finding something in Paris. All this was in my mind as I was wandering around the market when suddenly this beautiful set of antique porcelain caught my eye. It was simple and I liked it right away when I saw it from a distance. And as I approached it I noticed it was monogrammed with an “M” – yep, it was pretty much meant to be.

I fought it for a while – coming up with all sorts of reasons to not purchase it (it took me two days to wrap my head around it and agree that this was pretty much the perfect item). But Scotty was very encouraging and patient with me. He haggled with the proprietor of the shop, telling her our story, how our first kiss was on the Eiffle Tower, how we fell in love with Paris, how we’ve returned to this city time and again, how this is a great souvenir for us. He got her to throw in some additional pieces and we are now the owners of a 49 piece set of Parisian porcelain from the 1870s. The store owner’s husband told us some of the history and it’s pretty interesting. It’s from the time of Napoleon III and was a wedding gift to an aristocratic couple (lah-dee-dah!). It was made in Paris and is nearly 150 years old! I love that it has such a fun and interesting history and will think of all the people who have broken bread together whenever I use it.

Glen and Audrey generously took home 12 dinner plates, 12 salad plates, two vegetable bowls, and one cake stand. Seriously, how amazing are these two? I’ve hauled china across the pond before, and it is not easy.

So, we just have to get the rest over…I’m a bit nervous about the huge soup terrine – it’s quite big. But, we’ll figure something out. And I am so looking forward to one day being able to use it.

Us with the shop owner – who also restores cracked and broken china.

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Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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10 Responses to Oh dear…

  1. This sounds like a very special story!!! How long have you been married?? Must be such a sad thought to be leaving a place that you both treasure so!!! Congrats on your great find!!! 😀 **

  2. katemai says:

    Soooo cool! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hilary says:


  4. cynthiaclairebruni says:

    Most certainly meant to be! I just love the celadon shade of green. I’m also going to miss seeing and reading about all of your adventures abroad.

  5. cynthiaclairebruni says:


  6. POP says:

    These are the things and the stories which make Paris what it is. I can almost taste the many bouillabaisses or soupe de poissons that have sat steaming in that beautiful terrine. Great find Becca and Scotty. Congratulations!

  7. zelmare says:

    What a wonderful story. And that beautiful set was waiting just for you – like you say – it was meant to be! You will have special memories whenever you use it. 🙂

  8. Sloane says:

    That is such a perfect souvenir of your time in Europe! You’ll have it forever and pass it along after that. It’s so pretty and classic, love! Can’t wait to eat some fabulous meal on it when we see each other next 🙂

  9. What a beautiful find!

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