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So, I haven’t been writing a lot on the blog for several reasons. Outside of re-entering student life and having homework and lots of reading to do, I’ve also been spending quite a bit of time in my kitchen. Over the past several months I’ve been exploring something called GAPS and it’s made me very interested in traditional nutrition and cooking. It’s been fascinating. For anyone who feels a flicker of curiosity check out Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBrides book Gut and Psychology Syndrome. In this work you can learn all about the importance your digestive system and how it is one of the most important elements of your immune system.

And so, my kitchen is humming with activity as chicken stock bubbles in the crock pot and my counters are full of jars of fermenting veggies and I’m learning how to make yogurt and kefir. It’s fun and satisfying, if a ton of work.

And I’ve made a few mistakes along the way. For instance, making fish stock is disgusting. I now have nearly a gallon of fish stock in my freezer but can still, one week later, remember the smell of those lovely fish heads bubbling away, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to drink that stock or make some hugely nutritious soup with it. So it sits in my freezer, next to the rapidly diminishing lamb and chicken stock.

I made a big batch of lacto-fermented hot and sweet peppers and am looking forward to trying those when they’ve settling into briny, crispy, yumminess.

And dill-flavored green beans and carrot sticks are so colorful when they’re sitting on my countertop.

And homemade sauerkraut is the best!

So that’s what’s happening around here. Not super exciting but if you want to stop by for some fermented veggies, give me a call!

About Rebecca

Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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9 Responses to Here’s what’s cooking

  1. pop says:

    That’s awesome Becca. I heard it is going real well for you. Had no idea such an epic food prep effort was required. Canning is never easy. Remember the Lindsay cherry canning days in 105 degree Sonora!
    Never seen ‘fishead’ stew before. Yummie. What kind of fish is it?
    I tell you a GAPS food processing company would be huge. Line up the investors

  2. Ashli says:

    Looks fun! How did Scotty survive the making of fish stock?!!??! I’m sure that was an adventure in your household!

  3. Rea says:

    Hadn’t thought of the fish stock/ Scotty component. Yikes! I’ll admit the fish stock didn’t do well here either. I had tried it for bouillabaisse once, and it was equally disastrous. I threw the whole thing away and then caught some real heat for the mess in the trash can. Oh well. There must be a secret to it. Hmmm. I do think your fish head/stock pot photo is quite stunning regardless. Bravo for all your efforts. Can’t wait to hear all you’ve learned.

  4. katemai says:

    GOrgeous food photos!

  5. Ooooeeee… looks colourful!!! Well done!! 🙂 **

  6. Bethy Manor says:

    I can attest to the fact that everything Becca says in this blog is the truth! We were blessed to have Scotty and Becca stay with us this past weekend and she didn’t deviate from her diet once! My hat is off to you, Becca!

  7. Beth says:

    Yummy veggies…would totally stop by if I lived a bit closer! Will have to read up more on GAPS!

  8. zelmare says:

    Enterprising!!! 🙂 Love sauerkraut, so I’ll stop by for a bite! 😉

  9. Sol says:

    I wanna try re sauerkraut real bad!

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