San Francisco

After four beautiful days in Chicago Scotty and I made our way to San Francisco. We had decided to combine the conference trip with our Thanksgiving visit to my family. Doing so meant we would get to hang out with my brother Solomon and his lovely wife Becca for a day and take in a bit of San Francisco. I think SF is a great city. Its topography makes it fairly unique. We didn’t do the whole tourist thing as we only had one full day and had made a visit a few years ago. Going to SF always brings back childhood memories for me. It was the “big city” we visited when we left our tiny little country town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. I didn’t end up taking many pics but did snap some in China town. I wanted to teach Solomon how to make coconut curry so that sent us on a bit of a wild goose chase for curry paste. Note: try the grocery store first.

We also got to check out Becca’s office at Causes, a cool charity oriented start-up. They occupy the top of the Citibank building and have some amazing views.

It was super fun staying with the newlyweds. They have a beautiful apartment and I even took a catnap in front of the fire. Bliss!

And, of course, a trip to SF isn’t complete without a stop at the city’s best bakery, Tartine. If you go to the city and fail to stop by Tartine for a morning bun you are seriously missing out. Seriously. I even broke from my strict no-gluten status to have a couple bites…buttery, sugary, a hint of citrus. Perfection.

With fingers slightly sticky from the yummy goodness it was off to San Luis Obispo to meet up with my entire family for our not-so-traditional Berg Thanksgiving celebration.

About Rebecca

Hi! After five years in Europe, I'm adjusting to life back in the US. I use this blog to record my adventures, post photos, organize recipes, and post about things that interest me.
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3 Responses to San Francisco

  1. Bethy Manor says:

    Fabulous post!! Thank you so much for the whirlwind tour of San Francisco and specifically, of Chinatown! Love the fire in Sol and Becca’s apartment.

  2. pop says:

    You are such a sweet sister.

  3. currybadger says:

    San fran is a great place to explore, especially during the holidays. Cool post.

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