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Dinner with Jim

About two weeks in to my mom’s stay, our dear friend Glen and Audrey arrived in Paris. You may remember that they visited us in Scotland last May – and they made another trip to see us in Paris. We … Continue reading

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My favorite podcasts

When I was in the States I promised my sister-in-law, who has relocated to Slovakia, that I would put together a list of the podcasts that Scotty and I listen to. These podcasts serve a two-fold purpose. They keep us … Continue reading

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Breaking the silence…

You know you’re behind in blogging when your dad posts the following little ditty on your last post: Taking a break from posting? I miss you and it. Tired of hosting? I’m in a fit. So, here goes nothing.  We’ve … Continue reading

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Literary Notes #11

I promise you that I have been thinking about getting those trip pictures posted and am working my way through.  Here’s the entry on Peterhof. Since we’ve been back, life has been crazy.  I’ve been working a lot as has … Continue reading

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Settling back in…

After an extremely relaxing week in NY we returned to Edinburgh and hit the ground running.  On Friday night we hosted a going away party for our friends the Browns who returned to the States on Sunday.  As we’re approaching … Continue reading

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Birthday Celebration!

On Sunday Scotty and I were invited to a party to celebrate our friend Jeremy’s 30th birthday.  It was a fantastic, unique, and fun party and we were so happy to be a part of it.  Jeremy’s wife Katy planned … Continue reading

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Parade, Fireworks, Quatorze Juliet in Paris

Much like our 4th of July isn’t commonly called “Independence Day” the French don’t refer to Quatorze Juliet as “Bastille Day” – it has too much baggage and while the French Revolution was founded in great principles (you know that … Continue reading

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Scotty’s Birthday Celebrated

Scotty’s birthday was great.  We enjoyed a very relaxed morning – walking around St. Michel, window shopping, stopping at Shakespeare and Co., eating a delicious lunch.  I had a fabulous Salade Nicoise and Scotty had some yummy pizza.  By this … Continue reading

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Giggle, giggle. I amuse myself sometimes.  Yes, I’m calling this recipe Beccaroons – mostly because I don’t really know what else to call them and I’m always up for some sort of wordplay.  These little bite-sized bundles are delicious!  They’re … Continue reading

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Four Years!

On Thursday Scotty and I celebrated our fourth anniversary.  It’s hard to believe it’s already been four years – it has gone by quickly and I lose count when I try to quantify the memories in terms of air miles, … Continue reading

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