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Following our trip to Fort Lauderdale, we made our way to upstate New York for some relaxation by the lake. When you fly into the local airport, it’s so small you end up on these little tiny planes that seat … Continue reading

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The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen on the Seine

The Manors arrived at the tail end of a string of rainy days and gorgeous nights. It was strange. One of the things Beth, my mother-in-law, wanted to do was get pictures of the Paris bridges at sunset. Well, the … Continue reading

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Filling in the gaps

As this blog sort of serves as a journal, before I get to the Manor adventures in Paris, I have to fill in a few holes from our previous visitors’ time here. So, here’s a long entry that is mostly … Continue reading

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The Manors take Paris

Yesterday we said goodbye to Scotty’s family. They arrived about ten days ago and we had a full week of museum visits, tours, chatting, and walking! We went to Normandy, climbed up Mont St. Michel, spent hours looking at art, … Continue reading

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It isn’t always exciting here

So, in the past month of visitors we did have some down time. Time to just be silly. Here’s one example of how we passed those uneventful moments. The last of our visitors left this morning and there is a … Continue reading

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Stormy Sunshine on the Seine

Earlier in my mom and sisters’ visit we decided to hop on a Batobus and ride along the Seine. I had never done this and it was such a wonderful experience to see Paris from the water. It’s a completely … Continue reading

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A Rainy Night on the Eiffel

I have SO much to get caught up on! The past month has been a blur. We’ve had my mom and sister, Katie in town along with an ever-changing rota of guests. First Mom had several of her friends staying … Continue reading

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On Wednesay, we got up at 5AM and boarded a 2.5 hour train out to Normandy. Mom had arranged a tour for us with Allan Bryson, a WWII expert and enthusiast. The tour took us from Ste. Mere Eglise, to … Continue reading

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Russ and Rea in Paris

My parents arrived about a week ago and we had a wonderful time together. They are now back in California and it’s back to work for Scotty and me. I will be posting about their visit over the next few … Continue reading

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Wedding! Part II: More Prep

The morning of Josh and Grace’s wedding was beautiful. The Berg backyard was flooded with people who love these two–all wanting to pitch-in! Here’s a few more pictures of the wedding coming together – along with a few wedding pictures … Continue reading

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