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Stormy Sunshine on the Seine

Earlier in my mom and sisters’ visit we decided to hop on a Batobus and ride along the Seine. I had never done this and it was such a wonderful experience to see Paris from the water. It’s a completely … Continue reading

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Can’t get enough…

One of the highlights of going to class three mornings each week is my walk through the Luxembourg gardens. As the weather is warming, it seems the the garden is different every time I walk through. There are more leaves, … Continue reading

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Whisperings of spring

In honor of the fact that the weather seems to be improving here, I did a bit of a study on some ranunculus we have had in our flat for the past few days. They’re helping to brighten the flat and … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

The denizens of the City of Love know their flowers. And on Valentine’s day they really bring out the gorgeousness. These were a few shots I took at a little florist shop on the way to our new hangout. Aren’t … Continue reading

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Breaking the silence

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything. I would like to say that we’ve been busy doing all sorts of interesting things, but mostly we’ve just been trying to get over some particularly virulent colds. I’ve had … Continue reading

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Wedding! Part I: the Prep

A week ago today, Scotty and I left Chautauqua and made our way to San Luis Obispo, CA. We had had a wonderful time in Chautauqua – hanging out with family, enjoying a special visit from cousins Annie and Laura, … Continue reading

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Greening A City

A while ago I wrote a post on the sad but lovely ruins of Detroit. Today I came across a couple of articles  (NY Times article by Mark Bittman and Food Among the Ruins by Mark Dowie – this one is long … Continue reading

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Spring in Edinburgh

Today was spectacular. It feels like spring may actually be here. Of course, now that I’ve written that it will go hide for another six weeks. But seriously, today was one of those days that makes the long dreary winters … Continue reading

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Weekend Recap

This past weekend went by really quickly! Saturday was spent working – me at a catering event and Scotty at school. The catering event was a lot of fun and hard work so I crashed early that evening after enjoying … Continue reading

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BST brings Spring

On Sunday we turned our clocks up one hour! Nights are now shorter and I am eagerly anticipating long summer evenings. To mark British Summer Time it felt fitting to make a visit to the Botanical Gardens – one of … Continue reading

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