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The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen on the Seine

The Manors arrived at the tail end of a string of rainy days and gorgeous nights. It was strange. One of the things Beth, my mother-in-law, wanted to do was get pictures of the Paris bridges at sunset. Well, the … Continue reading

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Filling in the gaps

As this blog sort of serves as a journal, before I get to the Manor adventures in Paris, I have to fill in a few holes from our previous visitors’ time here. So, here’s a long entry that is mostly … Continue reading

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The Manors take Paris

Yesterday we said goodbye to Scotty’s family. They arrived about ten days ago and we had a full week of museum visits, tours, chatting, and walking! We went to Normandy, climbed up Mont St. Michel, spent hours looking at art, … Continue reading

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Storm Clouds over Paris

The weather in Paris has been crazy. One minute it’s hot and humid, the next minute it’s raining cats and dogs, then it’s hailing, then it’s dark, and then the sun breaks through. It has been impossible to dress appropriately. … Continue reading

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Dinner with Jim

About two weeks in to my mom’s stay, our dear friend Glen and Audrey arrived in Paris. You may remember that they visited us in Scotland last May – and they made another trip to see us in Paris. We … Continue reading

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An evening walk in Paris with friends

I realized that many of you probably have no idea why my mom decided to spend an entire month in Paris, so here’s some background. In April 2011 Scotty and I got news that Scotty had been given a grant … Continue reading

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Politique Francais

Yesterday, Scotty and I were riding our bikes down the Rue Monge when we spotted a whole bunch of TV camera crews and important looking people. So, naturally, we stopped. Ends up we were in the middle of the who’s … Continue reading

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Rodin and Napoleon

One of my favorite places in Paris is the Rodin Museum. It is the home of the famous sculpter of The Thinker and the house and gardens are a quiet refuge in the middle of this bustling city. So, we headed … Continue reading

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Waiting for Doisneau

Scotty and I were excited about an exhibition of Robert Doisneau’s wonderful photographs taking place at the Hôtel de Ville. One of of the last days that it was open we were joined by the rest of the gang and … Continue reading

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Le Cordon Bleu

For a birthday present my mom said that she wanted to take me to Le Cordon Bleu for a cooking class. Well, that sounded like a great idea to me, so a couple of days after she arrived we headed … Continue reading

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