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A Year of Reading

Oh my! It’s been almost a year since I’ve done a book entry. I guess that would indicate that I’ve either been doing too much reading to keep up, or not enough reading to keep it interesting. It’s sort of … Continue reading

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Moving on…

Some of you may have noticed that I have changed the name of the blog. With Paris long behind me and knowing I needed to move forward, I decided that yesterday was the day to do it. I’m not a … Continue reading

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Well, this blog has collected a bit of dust. Have any of you caught on to the fact that I’m not finding much inspiration in my new surroundings? Despite my best efforts to see the beauty, this place just hasn’t … Continue reading

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What I’m missing these days

Ever since we arrived all the locals have been telling us to “just wait until October, it is glorious here.” Well, we’re nearly a week in and it’s still hot. And I’m thrown by the fact that the light hasn’t … Continue reading

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Dinner with Jim

About two weeks in to my mom’s stay, our dear friend Glen and Audrey arrived in Paris. You may remember that they visited us in Scotland last May – and they made another trip to see us in Paris. We … Continue reading

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Rodin and Napoleon

One of my favorite places in Paris is the Rodin Museum. It is the home of the famous sculpter of The Thinker and the house and gardens are a quiet refuge in the middle of this bustling city. So, we headed … Continue reading

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Paris Fashion Week is Ridiculous

I know, blasphemy, right? Especially for anyone living in Paris. This past fall, when we were living more in the center of things you could definitely tell that things were happening in the city. Now that I’m tucked into the … Continue reading

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Mike Rowe Testifies before Congress

I shared this on Facebook but I think it’s worth sharing here as well. Take a few minutes to watch this – it’s very worthwhile.

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Soaking it up…

As we’re two and a half months into our ten month adventure, I am beyond surprised at how fast it is going. When we first arrived in Edinburgh over four years ago the adjustment was so much more difficult. I … Continue reading

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Alors! Vous ne comprenez rien!

On Monday I attended my third conversational class. In addition to nine hours per week of traditional class, I’ve added a couple of hours of conversational classes in an attempt to actually try to learn more about speaking French. Monday’s … Continue reading

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