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Brussels Sprouts Crisps

When my friend Becky posted this link (Beyond Kale: 7 More Chips Made From Leafy Greens) on Facebook, I knew I had to try some of these delicious looking recipes. I mean, who doesn’t love crispy, salty, veggies? Once I … Continue reading

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Le Cordon Bleu

For a birthday present my mom said that she wanted to take me to Le Cordon Bleu for a cooking class. Well, that sounded like a great idea to me, so a couple of days after she arrived we headed … Continue reading

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Quiet Saturday

Today is a quiet day for us – we both have lots of work to do, applications to work on, projects to invest time in. And we both have our final exams for our French classes next week. So our … Continue reading

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Literary Notes #16

Tonight I am hosting book club and we’re discussing The Shipping News by Annie Proulx. I have a fondness for this dear story – one of personal growth, new beginnings, stark Newfoundland winters and am very much looking forward to … Continue reading

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Foodie Notes

When it rains it pours. Scotty and I don’t usually go out to eat very often, preferring to cook at home. Unless the restaurant is really something special, I tend to enjoy homemade food over your standard dining-out fare. But … Continue reading

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Roasted Pumpkin and Coconut Curry Soup

In my vegetable box I’ve been getting all sorts of fun Autumn produce.  When a huge pumpkin was delivered I thought about doing the usual carving but Scotty said he didn’t feel like carving a pumpkin this year, so I … Continue reading

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Spring Vegetable Risotto

I’ve been really enjoying the fresh spring vegetables that have been appearing on grocery store shelves.  One of our favorite dishes has been a Spring Vegetable Risotto that I came up with when I found my fridge full of fennel, … Continue reading

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Vegan Raspberry and Rhubarb Crumble

Last week Scotty and I were invited over to another American couple’s flat for dinner.  We brought dessert which presented two challenges for me.  I, as I’ve said before am most definitely not a baker.  Also the dessert needed to be … Continue reading

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Spanish Tortilla

Scotty and I were first introduced to this classic Spanish dish during our honeymoon. Scotty had studied Spanish in elementary and high school and was great in leading us around and figuring out hotels, our rental car, directions, etc.  The … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Soup with Roasted Garlic

So, once again I found myself with three heads of cauliflower taking up too much space in my fridge.  I am so uninspired by cauliflower – and I refuse to smother it in cheese and cream which means there are … Continue reading

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