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Mont Saint Michel

The second day in Normandy we had the opportunity to go to the hideout made famous in that wonderful work of fiction turned into a delightful movie. Remember, the line? We seek him here, we seek him there, Those Frenchies … Continue reading

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Storm Clouds over Paris

The weather in Paris has been crazy. One minute it’s hot and humid, the next minute it’s raining cats and dogs, then it’s hailing, then it’s dark, and then the sun breaks through. It has been impossible to dress appropriately. … Continue reading

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Dinner with Jim

About two weeks in to my mom’s stay, our dear friend Glen and Audrey arrived in Paris. You may remember that they visited us in Scotland last May – and they made another trip to see us in Paris. We … Continue reading

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An evening walk in Paris with friends

I realized that many of you probably have no idea why my mom decided to spend an entire month in Paris, so here’s some background. In April 2011 Scotty and I got news that Scotty had been given a grant … Continue reading

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French Elections

On Sunday the French went to the polls to choose a new president. As is customary this election did not decide who would be the president. I believe there are ten official parties in France and in order to be … Continue reading

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Frustrations Français or why I hate La Poste

For the regular readers of this blog, you all know that I love living in Paris and am so grateful for this opportunity. Now, despite the rosy picture I paint here there are a few frustrations. The French bureaucracy is … Continue reading

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Literary Notes #19: The Romanticizing of Paris and Parisian Women

Since I’ve arrived, I’ve read a few books about life in Paris. These range from funny to melodramatic to fully ridiculous. Here’s some reviews of the books I’ve read recently. The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World’s … Continue reading

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A walk down the Champs

This past Saturday night, Scotty and I were sitting at home when we decided to be “French” and go out at 10PM. We hadn’t yet seen the Christmas light installation on the Champs Elysees and it was about to be … Continue reading

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Quiet Saturday

Today is a quiet day for us – we both have lots of work to do, applications to work on, projects to invest time in. And we both have our final exams for our French classes next week. So our … Continue reading

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Our Christmas

This was our second Christmas that we didn’t go back to the States. Last year we spent Christmas Eve with friends and it was such a special celebration. We headed over to our friends, Jeff and Stephanie’s on Christmas Eve, … Continue reading

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