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A Year of Reading

Oh my! It’s been almost a year since I’ve done a book entry. I guess that would indicate that I’ve either been doing too much reading to keep up, or not enough reading to keep it interesting. It’s sort of … Continue reading

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Snowy Chautauqua

We spent a lovely nine days in Chautauqua, celebrating Christmas with Scotty’s family. We got to meet his sister’s fiancé, eat lots of yummy foods, cook for hours, celebrate Tim and Beth’s 41st anniversary, and see lots and lots of … Continue reading

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What I’m missing these days

Ever since we arrived all the locals have been telling us to “just wait until October, it is glorious here.” Well, we’re nearly a week in and it’s still hot. And I’m thrown by the fact that the light hasn’t … Continue reading

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Morning has broken…

This morning I decided to get up and take a walk down to the beach. It’s less than a mile from our apartment and Scotty has been going for morning runs and had said that the sunrises are gorgeous. So … Continue reading

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Hello from Sunny South Florida

Wow! It took a while but we’ve landed. Since leaving Paris 64 days ago Scotty and I have: slept in 12 different beds driven ten different cars (one of which we bought, another was a 12 foot moving truck) been … Continue reading

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An evening walk in Paris with friends

I realized that many of you probably have no idea why my mom decided to spend an entire month in Paris, so here’s some background. In April 2011 Scotty and I got news that Scotty had been given a grant … Continue reading

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Rodin and Napoleon

One of my favorite places in Paris is the Rodin Museum. It is the home of the famous sculpter of The Thinker and the house and gardens are a quiet refuge in the middle of this bustling city. So, we headed … Continue reading

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Le Cordon Bleu

For a birthday present my mom said that she wanted to take me to Le Cordon Bleu for a cooking class. Well, that sounded like a great idea to me, so a couple of days after she arrived we headed … Continue reading

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Stormy Sunshine on the Seine

Earlier in my mom and sisters’ visit we decided to hop on a Batobus and ride along the Seine. I had never done this and it was such a wonderful experience to see Paris from the water. It’s a completely … Continue reading

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A Rainy Night on the Eiffel

I have SO much to get caught up on! The past month has been a blur. We’ve had my mom and sister, Katie in town along with an ever-changing rota of guests. First Mom had several of her friends staying … Continue reading

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