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What I’m missing these days

Ever since we arrived all the locals have been telling us to “just wait until October, it is glorious here.” Well, we’re nearly a week in and it’s still hot. And I’m thrown by the fact that the light hasn’t … Continue reading

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So, south Florida, huh?

Scotty and I have been official residents of Fort Lauderdale for almost six weeks now and are definitely still adjusting. Our apartment is starting to look a bit more homey with the purchase of some furniture. We’re settling into new … Continue reading

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Hello from Sunny South Florida

Wow! It took a while but we’ve landed. Since leaving Paris 64 days ago Scotty and I have: slept in 12 different beds driven ten different cars (one of which we bought, another was a 12 foot moving truck) been … Continue reading

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Grand Palais

One week from today, Scotty and I will leave Paris, belongings in hand and make our way to Edinburgh. There we will celebrate his graduation and say goodbye to friends who have grown so dear over the past five years. … Continue reading

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The Tokyo Ballet at the Palais Garnier

One of the things that Beth, my mother-in-law, really wanted to do on her second trip to Paris was go to a ballet at the old Paris Opera House, or Palais Garnier. Their visit happened to coincide with the Tokyo … Continue reading

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Bieber Fever Hits Paris

OK, one of the things I have actually enjoyed about living abroad is the fact that I’m pretty much completely out of touch with American pop culture. Despite that I have heard of Justin Bieber – I mean I have … Continue reading

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The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen on the Seine

The Manors arrived at the tail end of a string of rainy days and gorgeous nights. It was strange. One of the things Beth, my mother-in-law, wanted to do was get pictures of the Paris bridges at sunset. Well, the … Continue reading

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A Gorgeous Night in the Luxembourg Gardens

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Well, I was hoping to have some time to catch up on blog posts as I still have some from my mom’s visit and haven’t even started on the Manor’s visit. But my professor decided to move our final exam … Continue reading

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The Manors take Paris

Yesterday we said goodbye to Scotty’s family. They arrived about ten days ago and we had a full week of museum visits, tours, chatting, and walking! We went to Normandy, climbed up Mont St. Michel, spent hours looking at art, … Continue reading

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