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Feeding the soul

We’re back from two lovely weeks in the UK. It was refreshing, rejuvenating, and a time to ponder where life has taken Scotty and me. After a year that was pretty draining with its transitions and shifts, our cups were … Continue reading

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Snowy Chautauqua

We spent a lovely nine days in Chautauqua, celebrating Christmas with Scotty’s family. We got to meet his sister’s fiancé, eat lots of yummy foods, cook for hours, celebrate Tim and Beth’s 41st anniversary, and see lots and lots of … Continue reading

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Well, this blog has collected a bit of dust. Have any of you caught on to the fact that I’m not finding much inspiration in my new surroundings? Despite my best efforts to see the beauty, this place just hasn’t … Continue reading

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Rubbing Shoulders with the 0.01%

Last Thursday the tropical storm associated with Sandy blew through Fort Lauderdale and it’s made me very nervous for DC and NYC. Four days after, we’re still experiencing some crazy winds and I don’t know if that is just the … Continue reading

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Made for Instagram

First off, I want to say a very sincere thank you. I always knew that the people who read this blog were fantastic and I so appreciate your kind response to my last posting. Your thoughtful comments and sweet emails … Continue reading

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Mont Saint Michel

The second day in Normandy we had the opportunity to go to the hideout made famous in that wonderful work of fiction turned into a delightful movie. Remember, the line? We seek him here, we seek him there, Those Frenchies … Continue reading

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Lovely Bayeaux, France

One of the high points of Scotty’s parents visit was getting out of Paris and heading up to Normandy. It had been a while since I’d left this lovely city and it was wearing on me. There’s something about Paris … Continue reading

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The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen on the Seine

The Manors arrived at the tail end of a string of rainy days and gorgeous nights. It was strange. One of the things Beth, my mother-in-law, wanted to do was get pictures of the Paris bridges at sunset. Well, the … Continue reading

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A Gorgeous Night in the Luxembourg Gardens

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Well, I was hoping to have some time to catch up on blog posts as I still have some from my mom’s visit and haven’t even started on the Manor’s visit. But my professor decided to move our final exam … Continue reading

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