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Checking In

I’ve been on the road and just spent a wonderful nine days back in Edinburgh. We’re now in Amsterdam and I have to say I love this place! It is so charming. The weather is frigid and the canals are … Continue reading

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Back in Edinburgh

I am back in Edinburgh sitting at one of my favorite cafés enjoying a delicious coffee! Yay!  And a cappuccino here costs £2.20, instead of €5.00. It’s been so good to be back, see friends, meet new babies, walk familiar … Continue reading

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Happy weekend…

This past week was a lot of fun – I celebrated a birthday, we finished up with semester one of French classes, and had a wonderful day out checking out the Sempé exhibition at Hotel de Ville and eating lunch … Continue reading

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A Year in Review

Since it’s the last day of 2011 and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, I want to do a blog post on some of the highlights of the past year. And we’re also moving today so I am putting off the … Continue reading

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This made me miss Edinburgh

Some of you will remember when I posted a Danny MacAskill video, here. My sister sent me a link to a new one and it’s amazing! It actually made me miss walking around Edinburgh and there is a great footage … Continue reading

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Riding out a Scottish storm.

This past weekend Scotty and I had the incredible opportunity to spend three nights on a sailboat with some friends. Graham and Nathalie invited us to go sailing with another couple from our church and we couldn’t have been more … Continue reading

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Exploring with Friends

When our friends Glen and Audrey let us know that they were including a visit to Edinburgh in their epic European adventure, Scotty and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. We spent five wonderful days together, reminiscing, encouraging one another, … Continue reading

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I am back in Edinburgh! After a long day and night of travel, I arrived early on a bright sunny morning. Check out the sunrise I was able to watch from the plane: I arrived at the airport and happened … Continue reading

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Hi friends, This blog has been quiet lately because I’m absorbed with a big work project.  I will get back to blogging soon! For a little update the weather here has been miserable – cold, windy, rainy. Classic Scottish winter … Continue reading

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Breaking the silence…

You know you’re behind in blogging when your dad posts the following little ditty on your last post: Taking a break from posting? I miss you and it. Tired of hosting? I’m in a fit. So, here goes nothing.  We’ve … Continue reading

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