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An evening walk in Paris with friends

I realized that many of you probably have no idea why my mom decided to spend an entire month in Paris, so here’s some background. In April 2011 Scotty and I got news that Scotty had been given a grant … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms in Paris

Ahh, Paris in the spring. It really is as beautiful as they say it is. On Saturday morning I decided to take a walk/jog through the Luxembourg gardens. The jogging part failed because I also brought my camera and that … Continue reading

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Oh, what a beautiful morning!

When today dawned bright and beautiful, I knew we had to take advantage of it. Yes, it was cold, but the light was gorgeous and I wanted to soak it all up. So we took off in the direction of … Continue reading

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Checking In

I’ve been on the road and just spent a wonderful nine days back in Edinburgh. We’re now in Amsterdam and I have to say I love this place! It is so charming. The weather is frigid and the canals are … Continue reading

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Literary Notes #19: The Romanticizing of Paris and Parisian Women

Since I’ve arrived, I’ve read a few books about life in Paris. These range from funny to melodramatic to fully ridiculous. Here’s some reviews of the books I’ve read recently. The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World’s … Continue reading

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Back to Brussels and a visit to the EU

After our cold and rainy day in Bruges, we spent the next two days back in Brussels. One thing I forgot to mention in my first entry on Brussels was that when we first arrived in the city and made … Continue reading

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I cannot say enough about Tallinn.  There are so many words that come to mind when trying to describe how charming this little gem of  town is.  Hopefully you got a taste of that from seeing the pictures of the … Continue reading

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Goodbye Russia!

We’re on a bus leaving Saint Petersburg right now and I think both Scotty and I felt some sense of relief.  While it is an amazing city and there are beautiful buildings to see, interesting people to watch, and a … Continue reading

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