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Storm Clouds over Paris

The weather in Paris has been crazy. One minute it’s hot and humid, the next minute it’s raining cats and dogs, then it’s hailing, then it’s dark, and then the sun breaks through. It has been impossible to dress appropriately. … Continue reading

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Sunset walk through the Latin Quarter

It rained nearly the entire month we had all of our lovely visitors. They were all troopers and didn’t really complain at all. Very impressive. We did have a couple of times when the weather was clear and generally took … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms in Paris

Ahh, Paris in the spring. It really is as beautiful as they say it is. On Saturday morning I decided to take a walk/jog through the Luxembourg gardens. The jogging part failed because I also brought my camera and that … Continue reading

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Checking In

I’ve been on the road and just spent a wonderful nine days back in Edinburgh. We’re now in Amsterdam and I have to say I love this place! It is so charming. The weather is frigid and the canals are … Continue reading

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Stormy Sky

After a delightfully mild autumn and early winter, the cold has settled in along with the famous melancholy Parisian drizzle. I love the clouds though. Scotty took these shots last night as a storm was passing overhead.

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Storm Light

All Saints Day (1 Nov.), or Toussaints as it’s called here, is a national holiday. People remember their passed relatives and churches have special services and all government offices are closed. Scotty had the day off from class and we spent … Continue reading

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Hi friends, This blog has been quiet lately because I’m absorbed with a big work project.  I will get back to blogging soon! For a little update the weather here has been miserable – cold, windy, rainy. Classic Scottish winter … Continue reading

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In celebration of the Spring Equinox, I took the long way to the bookstore this afternoon to document some of the many signs of spring that are popping up everywhere here.  In an encouraging display of optimism, Mother Nature decided … Continue reading

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Exploring Edinburgh

Today we showed Pop and Sol around the Botanical Gardens, Dean Village, the Waters of Leith, the museums, and Inverleith Park.  It was a busy day!  We finished by going to the evening service at P’s & G’s where an … Continue reading

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Morning after…

  I think that I’m a bit picky about snow.  I love nighttime snow storms.  It brings back memories of going to bed with the possibility of a snow day. When I went to bed feeling cozy and hoping to … Continue reading

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